Cockapoo Puppy Colors
****We don't know what we will get until they are born****
We get a great variety of colors with our
Cockapoo Puppies. Here are some photos
and information to help you figure out
what you like and what colors you're
seeing in the updated photos people send
Red Cockapoo Puppies:
Red Cockapoos are one of our most popular color choices. They can vary
from light Red to dark Red as you can see by the photos below. They can
be born with pink/liver or black noses and sometimes the lighter noses will
change to black as the puppies grow.
Buff Cockapoo Puppies:
Buff puppies can vary to a super light cream color to a darker Caramel
color.  They too can have light or dark noses.
Chocolate (Brown) Cockapoos:
Chocolate Cockapoo Puppies can range from a deep, dark Chocolate
similar to a Hershey bar all the way down to a light Cocoa color. They
generally have dark black or brown noses and ours can come with
Green, Hazel, and even Blue eyes, depending on the parents!
Apricot Cockapoos:
Apricot Cockapoo puppies can range from a light Red to Peach, to dark
Apricot color so sometimes it's hard to tell what they will be when first
born.  They can have Pink/Liver, or Black noses.
We would put the puppy on the left in the
"Red" category and the puppy on the right as
more of an "Apricot" color.
The baby in the middle is definitely a dark Red
while the others could be called light red or dark
Black Cockapoos:
Black Cockapoos can be solid in color or have White accents. They
generally have a black nose with brown eyes.
Merle Cockapoos:
Merle's (pronounced M-earls)  are a super funky color pattern where it
looks like someone took all different colors of paint and splashed it all
over the puppy! We get a wide variety of Merles ranging from Chocolate
Merles to Red Merles, to Silver Merles and even Blue Merles!  Each one is
different and uinque.They often have spotted noses to match their
markings and ours can come with Brown or BLUE or multi-colored eyes!!
Chocolate Merle
Red Merle
Silver or Blue Merle
Black and Tan Merle
Both of these puppies are Silver Merles
Both of these puppies are Chocolate Merles.
Tri-Colored Cockapoos:
Tri-Colored Cockapoo puppies have three colors, they are usually Black,
Tan, and White or Chocolate, Tan and White and their color accents can
range from a lot of different color to just small accents.
Parti-Colored Cockapoos:
Parti-Colored Cockapoos have a spotted coat and can come in a wide
range of colors, most common are Black and White and Chocolate and
Sable Cockapoos:
Sable Cockapoo Puppies are a beautiful mix of Black with Red or Tan
highlights throughout their coats. You can get light Sables which show a ton
of color or you can also get Dark Sables which have a colored 'hue' to them
but don't show nearly as much color as the lighter ones. Sables can change
a lot over time as they grow.
The top three puppies are Black and White &
bottom three are Chocolate and White Parti's.
One of the most popular questions we get is:
What colors will your next litter be? May sound
like an easy answer but actually it's not! Our
breeding adults have lots of color in their
backgrounds so that we can have a nice variety
of colored Cockapoo puppies. We can always
hope and guess for particular colors but we will
never know for sure until they are born.
Another popular question is:
What color eyes
will they have?
When puppies first open their
eyes (about 2 weeks old) they are a bluish/grey
color and eventually change to their permanent
color so we won't know until they are a couple
of weeks old. The most common color is brown
but we also get Blue, Green, and Hazel.
The next popular question is:
What will their
coats be like?
This too takes time to answer.
When they are first born most are very straight
and smooth and it takes time for their coats to
form and grow in. Please realize that puppies
change as they grow, just like newborn babies,
it takes a little time and patience so if you're set
on a particular 'look' you'll have to give the
puppy a few weeks to grow.
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