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Meet the Parents of our Cockapoo Puppies
"Heather" is a Black and Tan Phantom Poodle
with brown eyes and a black nose. She has
beautiful markings and a very sweet personality!
Thank you for viewing our website and considering a Cockapoo if you
have other questions please feel free to call or email us.

Pricing:  Cockapoo puppies prices are posted below their photos on the
'for sale' page. Please understand that if you reserve a puppy for a
particular price and, later, a similar puppy is offered at a lesser price,
the price of your puppy does not change. We sometimes, not often,
reduce the prices of particular puppies as they age or change, etc.
If you buy a Cockapoo puppy in Wisconsin there is a 5.5% tax added
onto all prices. We are a business so we claim all income, hence the
reason for the tax. If we ship you a puppy you do not have to pay
Wisconsin sales tax but you are responsible for shipping costs, these we
can discuss with you.
We understand our pricing may be higher than others you’ve seen,
sometimes even lower, but please understand we are NOT a puppymill.
We put a lot of care, time, and money into raising our Cockapoo puppies-
vaccinations, good food, advertising, vet checks, etc. are not cheap!! If
you buy a puppy somewhere for a really low price you are most likely
supporting a puppy mill and will get what you pay for so please do your

Adopting: A $300 Non-Refundable, Non-Transferrable deposit reserves
specific Cockapoo puppy. Once you put down the deposit this
guarantee’s that you are for sure buying the puppy and that we will not
sell it to anyone else. Because of this the deposit is Non-Refundable and
Non-Transferrable unless we are unable to provide you with said puppy.
The puppy is not considered sold until we have received the deposit.
When you have for sure decided on adopting a particular Cockapoo
puppy there are a few ways to officially reserve your puppy: You can
send a deposit through our “Buy Now” button located on the website, or
you can mail us a deposit. Please discuss adopting a puppy with us first!
If you are going to use the “Buy Now” button please make sure we
know, and agree, that you are going to send the deposit. If you are
sending a deposit through the mail we require that it be fed ex’d, express
mailed, or priority mailed and payments are to be made out to Cute
Cockapoos. This way there is a tracking # on the package and we can
be sure it’s on the way and can track it if it does not arrive. We will only
hold a puppy for two days, this means if you call and say you are
sending out a deposit we need to receive that confirmation # within two
days. We have had people state they were sending a deposit before and
then not follow through, this takes away other possibilities for the puppy
to get a home.
Please understand that we have had more than one person want the
same Cockapoo at the same time. Because of this, if you are sure you
want a particular puppy we strongly suggest that you reserve it with a
deposit. If we are confident that each party interested is a good match
for our puppy we go by a first come, first serve basis, whoever gives the
deposit first gets the dog. We cannot ‘hold’ a puppy while you discuss
things with your family or think about it, that takes away opportunities for
the puppy to get a home. We only place puppies ‘on hold’ while we are
waiting for a deposit to arrive. Please note that we reserve the right to
feel that you are not a proper match for our puppies, it is very important
to us that they go to good homes!!

Payment Options: If we are shipping your Cockapoo puppy we require
full payment at least 10 days before the puppy leaves our home in the
form of a cashier’s check or money order only. Personal checks/Paypal
will not be accepted for final payments. If you are picking up your puppy
we require the full payment the day of pick up in the form of cash, a
money order,or cashier’s check. Personal checks/Paypal will not be
accepted. For a mailed deposit we will accept a personal check,
cashier’s check or money order. When using Paypal for a deposit their
fee is added onto the amount.
If we are keeping your Cockapoo puppy for longer than 8 weeks of
age full payment is required by the time the puppy turns 8 weeks
and buyer will be responsible for the cost of any additional
vaccinations/veterinary care required after the age of 8 weeks.
we do not receive full payment by 8 weeks you will be sent one reminder
to pay within 24 hours. If we do not receive the payment you will lose
your deposit and your puppy will be posted back for sale on the website.
Please make payments to: Cute Cockapoos.

Puppy Pick up and Shipping: Puppies can be picked up at 7 weeks
old and shipped at 8 weeks old. When I post a puppy online I also post
the dates that they are available to go home. I prefer you make time in
your schedule to pick up your puppy the date they are ready for home
but I do allow a 3 day grace period for pickups before I charge a
boarding fee. For example if your puppy is ready for home March 10th
you will have until March 13th to pick them up before I charge a boarding
fee. If you are not able or willing to pick up your puppy within that 3 day
grace period I do charge a boarding fee of $20 per each day they are
left here. If you are having your puppy shipped I will ship them the day
they turn 8 weeks old unless there are not any flights available. If you
are not willing/able to pick up your puppy the date that they are ready to
be shipped I do charge a boarding fee of $20 per each day that they are
Please ask me first if you want to keep your puppy here
longer than the dates they are available, I try to be flexible but am
not always willing & able to hold puppies longer.

Health Guarantee/Cockapoo Puppy Contract: We require a signed
copy of our Cockapoo Contract from each adopting family. Please click
the link below to view the contract, read it, make sure you understand
and agree with it, and then send it to us with your deposit. If paying
through paypal you can just mail a copy of the contract afterwards. All of
our Cockapoo Puppies come up to date on their vaccinations, are de-
wormed, vet checked, microchipped, and come with a health guarantee.
Size, color, and coat are not guarantee’d, we certainly tell you what
color, coat type, and size we think the puppy is/has but it’s very hard to
be exact when a puppy is so young and will continue to change as it
grows. Please note that puppies (and people) keep us very busy so
when you adopt a puppy I will send photos 2-3 times before they go
home to you.
More Info and FAQ’s about our Cockapoo Puppies: We often get
asked very similar questions over and over again so I have constructed
the Puppy FAQ sheet to help you out. Please click on the Cockapoo
Puppy FAQ link below for additional help and tips.
Formerly located in iola, WI, we are now located in Manawa,
wisconsin (920) 596-1730, please leave a message or email.
Click below for the Cockapoo Puppy Contract
Life at our house,
here are some
shots of everyday
life around the farm!
"Macy" is a Buff Female Cocker Spaniel
with a white chest, soft brown eyes, and a
black nose.
To get more information about us and to help
you get better prepared for a puppy please view our
frequently asked questions:
"Ruby" is a dark Red Female Cockapoo with
brown eyes and a black nose. She will
produce litters of
F1b Cockapoo puppies.
"Mocha" is a fabulous Chocolate, Tan, and
White Tri-Colored Female Cockapoo with
golden eyes and a chocolate nose. She will
produce litters of
F1b Cockapoo puppies.
"Jackson" is an Apricot Male
Poodle, he is the largest of our
Males with long legs and a
sturdy body. He's has brown
eyes and a black nose.
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"Rocky" is a Chocolate Merle Male Cocker
Spaniel with a mix of light chocolate, dark
chocolate and white blended throughout
his coat. He has golden eyes and a
chocolate nose.
"Houdini" is a dark Red Male Poodle with
brown eyes and a black nose.
"Lola" is a Red Female Poodle with brown
eyes and a black nose. She's always
happy and actually "smiles" when she
greets you!
"Arlo" is the newest member of our family. We
made him in 2017 and are excited to see what he
produces in the future. He's dark Red with brown
eyes and a black nose.
Meet our lovely ladies
"Holly" is a Buff Cocker Spaniel with a
white chest, brown eyes and a black nose.
"Daisy" is an Apricot Female
Cockapoo with brown eyes and a
black nose. She will produce litters
of F1b Cockapoo puppies.
"Chickie" is a dark Chocolate Female
Cocker Spaniel with a white chest,
golden eyes and a chocolate nose.
"Stella" is a Buff Female Cocker Spaniel with
a large white chest, brown eyes, and a black
"Francesca" who we call "Francy" is a solid
black Female Poodle with brown eyes and a
black nose.
"Josie" is a Red Female Cocker Spaniel with
brown eyes and a black nose.