Frequently Asked Questions
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questions so I have written up some
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out. Please
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have any other questions or are
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We feed Diamond Small Breed Puppy food to
our Cockapoo puppies. Please visit their
website at: and use their
"where to buy" section to locate a store that
sells it. We also have small bags available for
purchase here.
We also recommend using NuVet vitamins for
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NuVet products cannot be purchased in stores
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We sent in this picture, along w/a description, so that Emma may be
Milwaukee based tv talk show:
Emma is a 2 1/2 year old Cockapoo. She loves just about everything.
She is very people and child friendly and stays close to family special
four legged friends. Her BFF is Phoebe, the Wheaton, who lives next
door. She quickly warms to strangers. Recently she was appointed as
"junior apprentice" to an electrician whom she followed around the
house for over 6 hours!  She has one play fetch with
her ( approximately 500 ball tosses a day! )  Emma has many almost
alarmingly human expressions and Is deeply deeply loved.

We got the following response:
Hi Pat,
Emma will be our Picture of the Day on Wednesday, May 9.  If you
would like a keepsake of the show, please remember to record it.  We
cannot provide copies of the program, however we do post it on our
website for 60 days.
Thanks for watching The Morning Blend.  We appreciate it!
Katie Pinkowski
More Customer Updates!!
Jagger is 5 months old and is such a smart dog! He
knows how to sit, lay down, roll over!  We love him to
Brittany & Nick
Ankeny, IA
I've enclosed a few photos of our Bella. She is Soupy and Bo's puppy. Born
Jan. 22nd 2011. Bella is doing great. We all love her to death. She loves to
play with her 50 lb Golden Retriever sister.
Deb from Oshkosh
Hi Jamie,  wanted to send you an update on Doobie and send a photo.  Him and Tillie are great friends already. I'm amazed at how gentle
Tillie has been, sharing her favorite toys, and pretty much playing on demand.  He has been real good.  If I'm on top of things, we are
having few accidents in the house and he goes immediately outside.  He actually likes his kennel, (the one I had when I picked him up)
and is content to sleep in it.  We have one , maybe two trips outside during the nite.  He is a wonderful puppy. All is well,  thank you very
much and I will continue to send photo's so everyone can see how beautiful the silver merles are!!!
Wausau, WI
Hello to Cute Cockapoos!
Our family adopted our little guy in March of 2011 - he was Hannah's
tiniest puppy from her January 10 litter. I just wanted to send you a
cute picture of Hank relaxing with our daughter. We surprised her
that day we brought him home, and they are very close!
Hank is a wonderful dog - we adore him! He is a total lover and so
playful, but he likes to cuddle most of all. He and his big sister (11
year old cockapoo named Chase) get along really well. He is a
wonderful addtion to our family and is in excellent health. Thanks for
such a great little guy!
Shelley in Minnesota
Hi Jamie-
Thought I'd send you some pics of Ollie and let you know he's
doing great. Everyone that meets him loves him! Thanks for such
a great little puppy!
Ashley-Shorewood, WI
We want to give you a quick update and a couple of pictures of
Humphrey (your Sully). He's just over 6 months old now and we
love him so much! Even our old boy Tiger, the Collie, has grown to
love and protect him. Humphrey is smart, funny, adorable, and
everyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him; he's a real
charmer! Thanks again, The Vander Plas family, Ripon, WI.
Max has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We picked him up
a little over a year ago.  He's kept us very busy and always
entertained.  He is absolutely we'd like to add to the
Mary- Fond Du Lac, WI
Our puppy is so sweet.  I can't even begin to tell you how great of a
puppy he is.  He just turned 8 weeks old yesterday - He is already
ringing a bell by the door to go out potty, and has very few accidents
(which I would say calm, and good thing because my 3 year old
daughter thinks that he is her baby!  He just goes with the flow and
lets her take care of him, she pulls him in the wagon and in her
shopping cart.
We have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful his
markings are.  We made a great decision on the breed of dog when
we picked him - we couldn't be more happy.  He likes to go by the
lake and walk in the water when the kids are swimming and is
becoming quite brave, the kids are looking forward to him swimming
with them....
Thank you so much!
Courtney- Suamico, WI
I just wanted to thank you again for our precious little girl, Malibu.  
She is from Mayas litter born October 27, 2009. You shipped her to
us in Dallas, TX December of 2009.  She has the best personality
and she is great with my three boys. She loves to swim with us She
is the perfect size and weight and I could not be happier with her.
She is my favorite child and I would definitely buy from you again.
Cherie- McKinney, Texas
I wanted to share this photo and quick story with you because it is
just kind of cute and surprising. Humphrey found a nest of baby
bunnies in the yard the other day and since then has been
completely obsessed with them. He shows no interest in eating
hour guarding the covered up babies because the neighbor dog
was getting too close. He runs to the nest immediately every time
we take him outside, and we are careful that he doesn't hurt them.
So far he just sits and watches them, occasionally nudges them,
and seems to want to"protect" them. Mom bunny is still taking good
care of them.
Mary- Ripon, WI
Hi Jamie. It's been a while so I thought I would share with you and
update on our puppy. Gilbert is an absolute joy and a wonderful
companion. He's the perfect dog and everything that we wished for.
He's been so much fun to have around and he adores people, likes
to be around cats. For fun, he likes to chase bubbles on a windy day.
And soon, we will be introducing him to the sport of swimming since
we are swimmers, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.
Thanks so much again for bringing this wonderful addition to our
family into the world. Gilbert epitomizes what it means to give
unconditional love. He's always happy to see us and be with us no
matter where we are. Hope you are doing well.

Misha, Cari and Emily
Sun Prairie, Wis.
We kept the name Colby (Come On Lover Boy Ya.) .He is the most
wonderful thing that has happened to us in such a long time…he is
always with us & sooooo wonderful with the grandkids & everyone
loves him at tee-ball (4y) & baseball (8y)…………….
We can’t say enough about how happy we are with him…………….
Thank you!!!  3 & ½ months……………
Rosane & Frank-Manistique, MI
I just had to send these really cute photos of Lola - from Iola.
She is incredibly cute and smart and so much fun!
I can not believe how well she has adapted to her new family!
My Vet says she is VERY healthy and doing GREAT. you gave
her a wonderful start.
Thank you!

I LOVE her.
Patty- Eden Prairie, MN
Good morning I just wanted to send an update on our puppy.  He is
very small, smart and plays with everyone and knows no stranger.
Cooper is so wonderful we have had several people ask to buy him
from us. I have people stop us and just take pictures of him. He has
his own sense of humor and loves playing hide and seek. He also
thinks when the boat leaves the dock he must have the wind in his
face like he rules the lake and he does. He is simply just perfect.

We are so very happy with our puppy and are thinking of getting a
second one with his coloring the chocolate merle is just beautiful.
Please let us know if you ever breed his parents again. The puppies
are just wonderful for the combination of the two.

David & Mona- Coloma, WI
He's a beauty Jamie!!!!   Thanks for letting us raise him!   We love
Sue- Waunakee, WI
Here is an updated photo of Lola (Fancy, born 08/09/2011).  
She is an absolute dream to have around the house!  She
travels well on long car rides, is a great sleeper, and doesn't
have accidents.  The kids are so happy to have her and I can't
imagine our family without her now.  
We can't wait to celebrate her first birthday in about a week!

Green Bay, WI
Hi Jamie-
born 6-25-11) has been
a great and fun addition
into our family. We're
crazy about him, even
when the puppy
naughtiness shines
through. He's now just
over one year old and is
about 22 pounds--an
absolutely perfect size.
People are always
surprised that he's a
Cockapoo because
most haven't seen a
chocolate one. He gets
many compliments. We
think he's the cutest dog
on earth.

-The Godsell Family.
Pewaukee, WI
You may recognize the dog on the right, Mr. Blue, he is pictured on your
Home Page on the left and once again, the Humane Society provided an
excellent photos of them for charity!
Hi Jamie & Sandy! We thought that it was about time to send
and update on our puppy. We were very excited to pick him up
in June, and are so glad that he is well behaved and smart. He
has even started to go sit by the backdoor when he has to use
the bathroom! He isn't very fond of going on  walks, but we're
working on it. His favorite place to take a nap is right over the
air vent (where he is right now). And the lion in the picture with
him is his favorite toy,he takes him everywhere around the
house. Even outside at times. Thank you for trusting us with
one of your precious puppies. We might even stop by again for
another one! Thanks again.
The Neal Family - Milwaukee, WI
He is clean and knows to go outside to take care of his needs, defending
his territory with the shepherds, but loves to cuddle with them. He plays
"runaftermei'llrunafteryou" game with the maltepoos and has a lot of fun.
Kaî is a very well balanced pup and fits right into our pack.
Thank you for such a wonderful friend!
Rhys and Pia
Hello Sandy & Jamie,
Thought you might like to see some updated pics of Carter. The
pic of him & his lion was from about a month ago. :) Sorry that
pic is kinda fuzzy, we took it with Jason's phone.
Thanks again!
Hi Jamie and Sandy
Here is a photo of Wyatt. This is the stuffed animal that we brought to
your place when we put down a deposit on him.  We've nicknamed it
Penny, and it has become his best friend, wrestling buddy, and snuggle
friend at night.
Wyatt is doing well, and has met a few new friends, and would make an
awesome Walmart greeter, as he hasn't met a person he didn't want to
give puppy kisses to.  He has enjoyed weekend.
Thanks for giving Wyatt a great start in life! Barb & Eric
This is Chester.  We got him just about a year ago. He is so
good and so cute.He is full of energy and loves to be around
all of us. Our neighbors  just got a puppy from you as well.
Hope all is well!!!!
Hello from Canada! Here is a picture of our Oscar. (your Charlie) from last
Sept.pick up.  He just turned one on July 22.  We LOVE this dog soooo
much.  We get sooooo many compliments on him its incredible.  
lives without him.
He really is like a person ( I know that sounds wierd) but hes soo smart its

We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing addition to
our family. Finley just turned 1 earlier this month. He ended
up being a little guy, only 15 pounds, but we think the size is
perfect. We literally could not have asked for a better dog. He
is so loving and smart. People stop us on the sidewalk to tell
us we have the happiest puppy because his tail never stops
waging. He loves all people and especially loves when he
sees another dog. He will approach any dog and isn't even
intimated at all by the size! We have been talking about
getting him a brother because he loves to play, he could play
tug-a-war with my parents dog for hours. He was a breeze to
train, he knows he has to sit before he is allowed to do
anything or get any treats. Despite how much he has
matured, he still looks and acts like a puppy. We absolutely
love that he is adventurous, he will hike with Tim and I and
swim in Lake Michigan, but yet he is still a lap dog when we
are at home lounging watching TV. I have never met a dog
that actually will use a pillow like we do! He always has to be
touching us or laying across our laps, legs, or feet. I have
included some pictures for you to look at. We might be
contacting you soon for another sweetie;) I have told friends
and family that Cockapoos are the best dogs! They are all
around great pets, the list of great things could go on and on!


Katie & Tim- Milwaukee, WI
Hi Jamie-
I though hought you would enjoy an updated picture of our puppy!! He is 10
months old and still the best puppy ever!!! What a little luv!! Thank you
Sayville, NY
Molly is doing really well and she is so stinking cute! We can't even take
ask what kind of dog she is!  We are really happy. Thanks again!
Sara- Plymouth, MN
Hi Jamie-
I wanted to send you a picture of Jack at 7 years old and let you know how
much we all adore him. He is the sweetest dog, and so smart and well
behaved too. Within weeks he learned to sit, shake, high five, and lay down.
He will do any of them for a treat. He was so easy to train and the vet says
Fluffy. They love to chase each other around, and then snuggle up together
for a nap. Though Jack isn't fond of the car he loves to get his hair cut and
his nails trimmed at the puppy salon! He is so greatly loved by all of us! I
live in Eau Claire now and will be graduating this May and I would love to
get my own cockapoo soon! I missed Jack so much when I left for school. If
you have any information or pricing that I could look at I would appreciate it!
I just wanted to see if you remembered him and thank you for having such
a terrific little guy for us to bring home that day!
Hi Jamie!
We are writing to tell you how thankful we are to have Harley
in our lives. He is such a friendly, outgoing, affectionate, and
smart dog. When we got him at 7 weeks he was 4.4 pounds.
Now at 4 months he is 12.4 pounds!! Vet says he's super
healthy and growing like a weed.  He started going to the
dog park and Ioves it. I cannot speak highly enough of Cute
Cockapoos! Here is a picture of him on our boat. He loves
Thanks again,
Kate- Whitefish Bay, WI
I am Lola's Mom (she was previously known as Emily) born 5/19/2012. She
is VERY smart and doing well. I met another couple who have 3 dogs from
you. Lola is in Puppy Kindergarten and they have their youngest, Simon (all
sisters that are also from Cute Cockapoos that are 2 and 1/2 years old.
because both of us were saying how great your puppies are and how nice
you and Sandy are. Lola is doing GREAT in her class. She learns thing so
puppy class is not for learning obedience - more for socialization with other
dogs and people but she is so good at the commands it is easy to teach.
Plus she does these things with hand signals as well as verbal command.
I have had dogs my entire life...mostly Cockapoos but also labs. And truly
Lola is the pretty darn sweet as well! Like I said I really love do my kids and grandkids!
I LOVE Lola and feel really lucky to have such a nice puppy. Lola had her
first groomig and the groomer went on and on about what a nice puppy she
was. Lucky me!!!!
Here are some new pictures of Cooper. He is loving the big
city and passed Puppy Preschool with flying colors! He's now
in his second series of obedience classes, and is doing great!
He's on his way to becoming a great Therapy Dog some day
and will make some children or seniors very happy.
He's also my running partner and we are almost up to 3
miles:) Then it got too hot, so we're back on training now that
it's cooler. He also loves Lake Michigan and thought it was fun
to jump into the waves. He is such a joy to us and to everyone
who meets him:) Everyone wants to know where we got him,
and we always tell them "Cute Cockapoos, of course! He
knows several commands now, and goes potty both inside on
his puppy pad, and outside as well. His favorite thing to do is
chase my husband around to go after his fuzzy slippers:) It's
very funny to watch!!
Keep up the good work and know that Cooper gets stopped on
the street often, even cars passing by will stop and ask us
about him:)  
Thanks again for our Cooper, and hope all is well with you and
the new pups!! Enjoy the photos, more to come as he goes on
more adventures with us.
Joe and Carmen
Milwaukee, WI
Hi Sandy and Jamie,
We had Scooter and Winston together and we wanted to send you a
picture. They are just the happiest pups in the world. Thought this might
be a good picture for your website to show how different Cockapoos can
Megan's litter!
Attached is a picture of Daisy helping take her "sister" to the
bus stop on the first day of 1st grade.
I wanted to let you know Daisy is doing great!!!  Hard to believe
she's only been living with us for 2 weeks and 1 day.  She's
enjoying the yard (in the last 1/2 a week or so I started letting
her explore on her own - with me looking out kitchen window!).  
She enjoys the freedom - haha!
She loves kids!  Daisy comes with us to soccer practice.  She is
a big hit with both the girls on the team, the little siblings of the
players, and the other moms.  I love it because she comes
home tired :-)
We are only getting up 1x/night for potty breaks at this point
(there were a few night where I'd still get up 2-3x and she'd
refuse to get out of her crate to go out - she'd give me this look
like I was crazy or something!).  And during the day I have been
spending a lot of time in the kitchen (our "pen" until potty
training is complete) and she will whine to go out, then she'll go
right out and go.  Very impressive (well, I think it is anyway!).
She's completely comfortable going in the car - amazing!  And
she walks on the leash - not perfect but pretty darn good I think!  
Daisy helps me take my daughter down to the bus stop and
also goes with me to pick her up.
Anyway she is doing great!  Thank you again for allowing us to
adopt this wonderful little girl!
Janell- Woodbury, MN
Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know how Reggie is
doing.  She has so far learned to ring bells by the door when she wants
roll over.  She is just 4 months old and is so smart we are amazed at
Cockapoo before and is finding her to bring us so much joy and
laughter.  She really is a snuggling sweetheart.  Thanks for raising such
wonderful dogs.

PS She is so difficult to photograph because is always on the go.  When
we get the camera out, she immediately wants to go towards it and lick it.

Lois and Randy
Madison, WI
I've been meaning to send a picture of Wicket who just turned
1. He's great with our friends and family and he's definitely not
going to guard the house! Getting him was an excellent
decision and hopefully someday soon we can get him a sibling!

Thank you so much!
Jena and Tony
Antigo, WI
Dear Jamie and Sandy,
Attached are a few photos of Lucy (ruby).  She will be a year old in
November.  She is such a wonderful dog and she is so smart.  Our
family is so in love with her.  She became part of the family
immediately.  Lucy is such a joy and I thought you might like to see
some photos of her.  Thank you.   
Mahoney Family - Chicago Illinois
Jamie,Wanted to share a great story. Today we were at Mounds
and a woman behind us said, "How exciting! Looks like you are
Cockapoo and she was thrilled because she has a year old
Cockapoo at home. She went on to say that she bought her
puppy ( a merle names Chesney) from you. She said Chesney
is the greatest dog and that she loved you. She had only
wonderful praise for Cute Cockapoos. I wanted to pass on the
positive recommendations we have received. Can't wait to meet
Gina from Madison
Sorry it's been a while, but I can't get this little puppy to sit still
long enough to pose for me.  I was waiting for that perfect
portrait picture.  :)  However, I have lots of others that I can
send you. She's been doing very well.  It took Koda about 2
weeks to adjust but now it's like they've always been
together.  She thinks she's lots bigger than the 4 pounds she
now is. Koda lets her think that until her youthful exuberance
goes too far, and he gently gets her to settle down.  :) It's very

:) Karen from Green Bay, WI
Hi Jamie and Sandy~
I know it's been awhile...just wanted to give you a long overdue update
on Benny(your Pauley)! He just turned 2 a couple months ago and is
doing awesome! We couldn't be more pleased. He is such a great pet!
He is so sweet and so loveable. And really well behaved. He loves to
cuddle and has to be in the same room with us. We bell trained him to
go potty, so he dings a bell we leave at the door, it is so cute. And you
best not ignore it, then he really gets to dinging!! Friends we have over
really get a kick out of that. So, just want to say "THANK YOU" for the now
LOVED furry member of our family!!
Sue- Nelson, WI
We picked up Sophie from you around Valentines of this year. She was
born on Christmas eve of last year. Shes a handful - we love her lots!

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note! Leo joined our
family on 10/11/12. It was love at first sight! He was calm and
relaxed when he arrived. He acclimated quickly and before we
knew it he was totally comfortable in our home. He is a healthy
and energetic puppy with the most beautiful coat! He is so loving
and our lives have been incredibly enriched since he arrived. He
comes everywhere and does everything with us....he's so well
behaved! We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful puppy!!!!

Thank you again,
Kyle and Anne- Alexandria, VA
Thought you'd enjoy seeing Lola so proud of her diploma from Puppy
Kindergarten. She had fun and did great - she is SO smart, at class
she ran and jumped through a hula hoop I was holding about 6 inces
off the ground! She starts her next class on Saturday. She loves to go
because at the end of class they get to have puppy playtime.

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Spike in his Halloween
costume.  I could just squeeze that little bugger, he's so cute.  He is
healthy and happy, and he makes me very happy as well.
Thanks much,
Jayne- Sheboygan Falls, WI
Just thought I would send a picture of Charlie (your Star) and let you
know he is doing well. He is such a sweet dog and we just love him!
Sharon- Fon Du Lac, WI
Mia the hot dog! from Margaret- Fon du Lac, WI
Happy Halloween from Bella!
I don’t think we’ve sent you any pictures of Cooper. He’s in his
Halloween Costume  I will have to send you  another picture out of  
the costume sometime so you can see all his colors better…we
get great comments all the time.

Phil & Becky - Waunakee, WI
“There was a show girl, her name was Lola...with yellow feathers in her
hair and her dress cut down to the Copa, Copacabana... “

Happy Halloween from Lola (a/k/a Carmen Miranda) and Patty
Happy Halloween Sandy and Jamie!

I wanted to thank you for raising such a wonderful pup!  We've
decided to keep his name as Reggie - it seems to fit!  He is
such a little spit-fire!!  He loves to play, and plays very hard, and
then he crashes very hard.  We took the little guy to our vet on
Monday morning, after having a visit with some friends.  He was
wide awake in the waiting room, making friends with a black
cocker spaniel, and by the time we went in for his exam, he fell
sound asleep!  Dr. Lorfeld did his entire check without him
waking up - shining a light in his eyes, as his eyeballs just
rolled back, checking some neuro responses and laying him on
his back only to have gravity tip him to his side rather than try to
stand up,...  He even took his injection without waking - it was
hilarious!  Half an hour later he was wide awake, running in our
backyard chasing the blowing leaves.  He passed his check
with flying colors, as I'm sure you knew he would.  He was up to
a whopping 3#14oz.
He is such a delight to have - from the rambunctious playing to
the wonderful sleepy cuddling - he makes everyone smile!  As
busy as everyone's world becomes, we often overlook the really
simple things in life, like not realizing the toilet paper sheets in
our bathroom were hanging down a bit too low, and Reggie
found it and unrolled paper through a room and a half in about 3
seconds!  You just have to step back and enjoy the moment and
a good laugh.
have them.  For now though, I just wanted to thank you so much
- he is wonderful!!

Pat -Oshkosh, WI
Here is a new picture of Leila at 6 months old and 14 pounds. She
sleeps with us (on our pillows none-the-less) every night. She loves to
lay in the sun and go for rides.
Leila also just found out she is going to be a big sister, yay! I included
that picture too :)
Thanks again, we love her to pieces.
Here is a picture of Charlie and Kayla.  It's been 1.5 years since we
brought Charlie home.  I was very nervous about getting a puppy
because I had allergy issues with a previous dog.  I am so happy to
say that I haven't had any issues with Charlie at all!  He even sleeps
in my bed.  He is the best dog!  His temperment is wonderful!  He
loves all animals, dogs and the cat next door.  He also LOVES
people, adults or kids and is very gentle.   We all love Charlie very
much!  THANK YOU!
The Kosak Family- Minnesota
I forgot to send you these photos of Cooper before.  I have a
photography studio, and these are the photos I took back at the
end of May.
We have been following the advice of our vet, and as I suspected,
our inexperience as dog owners was the reason for Cooper's
acting up.  He has done a 180 since we started following the
steps she gave us.  We love him so much and are so happy he is
a part of our family.  He rings a bell to go outside and has recently
learned to ring a doorbell to come inside.  He's so smart and so
adorable and we are so thankful that we found you guys.
Thanks again,
I've been meaning to send you a photo of Rufus and Sadie, and
finally have one worth sharing... They are getting along great, with
lots of good play, and lots of good "instruction" (as in, Sadie knocks
him flat whenever he gets too annoying!)  But today was the first time
she actually let him snuggle with her long enough for us to get a
shot, and I thought it was pretty cute!

Rufus is a delight.  He is very social and inquisitive, gentle and a
quick learner.  He's already about 7.5 pounds, so growing fast.  We
think he's pretty great.

Hope you are well and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for our wonderful new baby!
Julie- Edina, Minnesota
Just wanted to say thank you for bringing such a loving pup into our
lives. Roxy (your Ginger) is just over a year now and we couldn't love
her more. We get lots of  compliments on her chocolate coat. She
loves going up north Wisconsin and playing in the lake and chasing
frisbees in the field by our house. She is the best!
Thanks again,
Justin, Stephanie and Roxy
My name is Michele and we have had Kobe for almost 3 years
now - he was born 2/10/10.  We want to tell you how happy we
have been with him.  He has been an absolute joy to have as part
of our family.
Way back when we got him, he was so easy to train from the very
beginning.  We had him house broken in two days.  He has
always been so good with children.  He loves our little niece, Tori.  
He will actually play with her for hours.  He loves when anyone
comes to our home, he even likes the mailman.  He dances for us
on his two back legs.  He also walks on just his two back legs for
about 8 feet - he's a little crazy.  He even helps decorate our
Christmas tree.  He has so much personality and character.  We
are so lucky to have gotten such a wonderful puppy from you.
Thank You
I’ve attached a photo of Reggie.  She is doing great.  Very much a
snuggly, smart, playful pup at about 7 1/2 months.  We are so happy
she has come into our lives and brings us such joy and laughter
every day.
Lois- Madison, WI
old and Greta on the right is just 3 months old. They are getting
along great and are having lots of fun playing in the snow.
Margaret- Fond du Lac, WI
Piper and Tucker are settling in very well together.  They love to play
together, but sometimes Piper gets more than she bargained for
with Tucker's puppy energy!  Then she escapes up onto the couch
for a few seconds to regroup.  It is pretty funny to watch!  She is in for
am guessing is not more than a few weeks away, if that.

Tucker has adjusted very well since we brought him home almost a
week ago.  I would say he is definitely confident and comfortable in
our house, and all boy!  He is exploring EVERYTHING and thinks the
and take a nap, until he gets hot and needs some space to cool off.
:)  He really is a sweetie!  It's fun to see the differences in personality
between him and Piper, especially since they are half brother and
sister.  They really are quite the pair!  Tucker seems to be a little
more laid back while Piper (who is just over a year old now) has
always been a busy body.  Always on the go looking for the next
interesting thing!

Thanks again for two great little dogs!

Andy, Emily, Piper & Tucker

P.S. I attached a picture of big sister Piper sharing her favorite bone
with her little brother. :)
We thought you might like to see a picture of our Theodore (your
He just turned one on December 23, 2012!  We could not have
asked for a more wonderful dog!
Our little Theo brings so much happiness into our lives and is
such a joy to have around.
People are always commenting on how lovely his coat is, including
complete strangers.
Thank you for breeding this great dog as he is such an amazing
addition to our family!
Happy Holidays!
The Gohil family~New Jersey
Well Fritz is now almost 10 months old and  he is loveable, smart,
fun, and cute as can be.  Everyone who meets Fritz thinks he is the
coolest dog ever.  Even "non-dog people" have made the comment
"now if I had a dog like that I would have one".   We love our "Fritzy"!!
Thanks so much for raising such good pups!
I've been meaning to send you these for a while now.  This is my
Olivia, born 8/16/07.  We live in Appleton.  She is such a joy.  She is
ball crazy & will play fetch for hours.  When she returns the ball, if
she does not drop it at my feet I tell her "I can't reach it", she picks it
play & doesn't mind her ears getting tugged on.  We also have
certainly brought the "puppy" out in him.  Olivia also loves to wrestle
with our cat, Otis.

My sister, Kristine, has one of your cockapoos also.  Jack (chocolate
& white), born May 2, 2009.  Jack lives in Alaska & is featured in this
year's Cockapoo calendar.  He is Mr. December.  Olivia & Jack only
get to see eachother once every 18 months or so.  We get to sit for
crazy!  He goes on long hikes everyday following the scents of
moose, fox, & bear... just to name a few.  He lives with 2 cats.  These
pictures are from last summer when Jack was here for a visit.  
Thank you again for being such great & reputable breeders.  You've
given my sister & I lots of joy through our pups!

Warm regards,
Sue from Appleton, WI
All the puppies that have been purchased from me and my
family/friends the last couple of years are doing well and their
families just LOVE them, four of the five get together on a regular
bases and have a blast together  – here are some resent pictures
Emma & Sophie are mine
Zoe is Janine Elliott’s / my sister-in-law (Emma’s sister)
Kovu is Shane Spoerle’s (Janine’s son)
Good Morning Jamie & Sandy!
Just a quick update on Piper & Tucker.  They are doing very well
together.  Tucker has really brought out a playful side to Piper that
we may not have seen otherwise.  They love to play together, and a
lot of times Piper is the one egging Tucker on!
Tucker is getting so big.  He is 16.5 lbs and still growing!  Tonight
we have our last Puppy Kindergarten class with Tucker, then he is
an official PK graduate!  I think I will probably go on and do
Obedience Level 1 with him too.  He is such a sweet, obedient very
early on and comes running when we call him.  We call him Tucker
Thunderpaws because you can hear him coming from anywhere in
the house with his big ol' feet. :)
It is so funny to look at them together because Piper has the lighter,
daintier poodle build (we call her Stick Legs or Toothpick Legs).  
She is VERY nimble and agile.  She can leap over Tucker in a split
second when chasing a toy.  Tucker is the stockier, heavier cocker
spaniel build.  He is not as agile as Piper, but is getting more
graceful and quick on his feet.  He has tried to jump over her a few
times without a lot of success. Most times he walks under her belly.
:) They really are fun to watch together!   They are total opposites in
every way possible and just a joy to have around!
Thanks again and take care!
Andy, Emily, Piper & Tucker
I want to give you am update on "Romeo" who is now Seamus
now weighs 8 lbs 4 oz.  He is already potty trained and very
smart :0) I am including a few pics for you. Thanks again!!!!
Karen from Chicago, IL
Hi Jamie-
I wanted to update you on how River is doing! We picked him up a
little over a month ago, and I swear that he has doubled in size
(and energy!) since then. He is so much fun, so lovable, and so
silly! He loves playing in the snow, and I don't think we've ever
been able to take him out without at least a few people stopping
to pet him and tell us that he's the cutest puppy they've ever seen.
He really is the sweetest and loves giving kisses to everyone
(strangers included!). Thank you for such a smart and happy
puppy, we couldn't be more pleased!

Love from Jillian, Katie, and River- Minnesota
Hi Jamie,
We are so thrilled with Molly (9 months old now) and she is the
smartest dog ever!! She knows so many tricks and it takes no time
to teach her a thing, and we love to spoil her rotten. :-)
Thanks, again!
Happy 1st Birthday to Reesey Roo, please read Theresa's great
blog about her experience with Reese:
Hello Jamie and Sandy,
It has been almost a year since we adopted Kona (your Velvet) from
you.  She turned one last month and has been the best puppy we
have ever had!  She was potty trained within a week and it extremely
smart.  She has learned every trick I have taught her (sit, stay, shake,
behaviors such as learning the names of her toys… which she
friendly dog.  People as always commenting on how pretty she is
and asking what kind of dog is she.  I remember e-mailing some
people for references and one person told me that I would not be
disappointed… boy was she right!!   Thank you for doing such a
I am sending along a few photos of her…. She is a beauty!
The Beswick Family
Pittsburgh, PA
for a good picture.  She is such a sweetheart - very loving and
playful!  She just loves people and everyone remarks on what a
wonderful dog she is.  Andrew is just thrilled with his new "sister"!  
He has told me that I can't love him more as I must love both he and
his sister "equally"!  She plays so well with him and is a great hit
with the other more pleased.  She has truly lived up to her name and
everything you promised she would be!  Our family is now
complete!  Miss America All the best, Kristen- Tampa, Florida
Mellie was born 11.2.12 and was a surprise Christmas gift for our
daughters.  Mellie is an absolute delight.  She will be 5 months
old on 4.2.13 and weighs in at 10#.  She is quite beautiful with
her dark chocolate coloring.  We receive MANY compliments on
her.  Mellie loves to give kisses and is quite the snuggle-bug.  We
can't imagine life without her.   It was a pleasure to work with you
through the adoption process.  We highly recommend your
business to anyone who is looking at purchasing a cockapoo."
The Wendricks Family
De Pere, WI
Hi Jamie-
Here are pictures of some of the four Cute Cockapoos I got
from you! They all have different personalities -which makes
them all so much fun!  You did a great job raising them. They
are so gentle, friendly, funny and a blast to be around. They
play really well together, as well as, with my other two dogs (a
Maltese and a Tea Cup name are Ella Belle (4 yrs old in July
Macy (1yr old).  Thank you again for four great dogs!!
Ann- Longmont, CO
We just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Marbles
(your Sophie) daughter of Raisin and Obie. They sure do make
pretty, sweet and friendly babies!!!!
Well she is now 6 months old and just graduated from puppy
class this morning. The one guy in our class with a hound
constantly remarked on what a happy puppy Marbles is.
She was a breeze to potty train (two weeks is all it took), I think
she had more fun with it since it was winter. Every time she went
outside it was a new adventure for her. We always have people
commenting on her unusual markings because of her being a
Merle. It makes me smile every time she is outside because she
loves nothing more than to run and jump at toys (maybe Frisbee
is not too far off). We all just love having her around and cannot
believe that she has only been in our lives since January.
Hi Jamie-
Here are some pictures of Murphy and Starr together. Murphy now
weighs a little over 11 lbs., and Lois said Starr weighs about 8 lbs.
They both got along really well...and they are both thriving. Starr is a little
lady...very petite and mild mannered, while Murphy is a rag-tag, all-boy,
high energy little guy! It was so much fun watching them play together.
Murphy is excelling in puppy kindergarten, and we love him to pieces.
Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing them together again!
We have truly fallen in love with our pup - named him Murphy.  
He's as loving, playful, smart, funny.....a perfect little boy.  Our vet
fell in love too - he spent an hour with us just petting and playing
with him.  Here's my favorite picture of him - so far.  And thank you
so much for raising this wonderful puppy for us to adopt
Janet- Middleton, WI
Updated pictures of Riglee. She's doing great!
Tracy- Dodge Center, Minnesota
Hi, here is the picture of Woody.... Thank you again for such a
wonderful and loving dog... He is so loving and we always get
compliments on his expressive eyes...He is such a sweet boy and is
loved by so many... Thank you again!!!
Hi Jamie,
I just thought I would send a couple of pic’s of our Piper, your
Millie.  She is an absolute joy to have!! I can’t say enough good
things about her. My husband is new to being a  dog owner is
now spoiling her rotten and she in turn follows him wherever
he goes. She is so smart and just like you said, everyone
loves her coloring and thinks she is just the cutest thing ever!
We say that her tan “eyebrows” look just like Andy Rooney.   My
oldest, Claire used to be an absolute bear to get up in the
morning. Now all I have to do is put Piper in bed with her and
she curls around Piper and just giggles as she is soaking in
the love from Piper.  She is a goofy little puppy who has an
uncanny ability to find a shoe or Barbie when we all think they
are put away but has yet to destroy either. And she loves
nothing more than to chase the butterflies in the yard and be
outside in general even though the birds drive her a little batty!
The last picture was my attempt to get a nice one of just
Piper…that didn’t happen but the end result made me laugh
and think that is the perfect picture to represent Piper! Just so
full of energy and always wanting to be by her people that it is
impossible to sit still for a picture!  We are so happy that we
choose a cockapoo for our family and so very happy that we
found you! Piper is 4 months old now and I can’t wait to see
how she changes and grows! Thanks again!
Gilbert is now 2 yrs old and he is just the best dog ever! We've never had
such a good dog, he loves everyone. Life is good! Hope all is well.
The Lees
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Here are some photos of dolly that we bought from you. She
was born May 26th 2012 and we picked here up on July 14th
2012. She's been the best dog ever and our family just loves
here. She is so cute and smart just a joy to have around. She
likes to do tricks for popcorn, she dances, sits, lays, rings a
bell, rolls over and jumps though hoops.
Dolly is very social she like to be around family and friends and
is very well behaved. The photos sent are puppy and adult.
Thanks Miles, Mineral Point, WI

Both Piper and Tucker are doing very well. Piper will turn 2 on Oct 12th
and Tucker will turn 1 on Oct 22nd. Tucker was 7# when we brought him
home and has ended up at a stocky 27#. After finding some food that  
Piper really likes she has actually gained some weight and is at about
14-15#. She was 3# when we brought her home. I thought it might be
some interesting info for potential customers.
Thanks again and take care!
Emily, Andy, Piper & Tucker
Hello Jamie,
I wanted to let you know that we are so happy with Shiloh.  She is
perfect and loves walking.  We brought her to door county with us, it
was our first time there and she had a blast.  We are very happy with
her and she still has such nice colors to her. She is always waiting for
me when I get home from the store.  Sitting in the window watching
and is always there to greet me with kisses although the puppy
breath has kind of gone away lol!
The Taggart family- Waupaca, WI
This is Caffrey (born May 2005) and his "little" brother, Jack (3 yrs
old,) they were on their way to a "Pirate and Princess" birthday party!
He has been a wonderful part of our family since the day we brought
him home! He's done so well with his two-legged little brother that
we are looking forward to bringing home a four-legged little brother
for him this fall from Cute Cockapoos.
LeeAnn- Indianapolis, IN
Hi Jamie-
Here is Millie (my In-Law's puppy from you,) wearing buddy's old
winter coat! She loves being outside!
Ashton family- New Jersey
Jamie - After 4 wonderful years with Buddy, he still looks like the
adorable puppy that we first welcomed into our loving home. He
has truly become our best canine friend and is always thrilled to
when we come home. We are forever grateful to you for our best
mate! ~ The Ashton's-New Jersey
Hi Jamie.
I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Murphy's first vacation - a
cabin near Eagle River WI.  Murphy LOVED it - he's learned the
"come" command very well so I was able to give him the freedom to
explore off-leash.  Attached are pictures of Murphy learning to swim,
riding in a canoe and just chilling - watching the eagles.
He is truly a wonderful dog!
Janet- Middleton, WI
We got Scooter in January 1 of 2012 and immediately fell in love with
him. Not only is he the cutest dog I've ever seen, he's also the
sweetest. He has the friendliest demeanor. He loves to be around
people and sit in their laps. He loves to run around outside and play
with his other dog friends. He is also very healthy. We can't wait for
one of his parents to have another litter so we can give him a new
sister. Thank you Sandy and Jamie for breeding the our little love.
We cannot imagine our lives without him.
Erin-Wauconda, IL
Hi Jamie-
Fritz is now a year and a half old and is the most lovable, easy
going, fun, carefree dog EVER.  Anyone and everyone who spends
5 minutes with him wants to keep him.  My father who commonly
says "why would anyone ever own an animal?!" made the
statement "well if I could have a dog like that then I would consider
it" and my sister who says "all little dogs are dumb" now says "I
want to dislike him because he is a little dog, but it is impossible".  
Honestly, I'm not making it up, he is a sweetie through and through.
of tricks including "dancing" and "bang" at which point he falls on
his back and plays dead.  It is hysterical.  He loves everyone
humans and animals and does not have one aggressive bone in
his body.  All he cares about is being with his people!
Everyone who tells me they want him I say "you can't have him, but I
can tell you where to get one of your own!"
Thanks for the wonderful dog.  We love him very much!
Karen- Barneveld, WI
Millie is 13 weeks old and a wonderful addition to our family.  She
is super smart and was house broken after a few days.  She is a
great companion to our son but holds a special bond with our
daughter Abby.  She loves going on walks and playing with other
dogs in the area.  She has a great personality although we are
going through the 'puppy chewing stage' right now.  I researched
many breeders and kept coming back to your site.  We couldn't
healthy dog we received.  Will send more updates as she gets
Brad, Liz, Abby and Sam- Crystal Lake, IL
Hi!  I just wanted to let you know we are SO in love with our
Cockapoo, Bella.  She will be 2 years old this Thanksgiving and she
has been so amazing...beyond our wildest dreams!  Bella is the
sweetest dog....loving, cuddly and smart and so so SOFT!  She
spends her summers in Michigan at an overnight camp with our
family and instantly became our "therapy" dog helping so many kids
wanted to let you know how happy she has made us.  Thank you!!!  
Attached is picture of Bella at camp on the 4th of July.
Hi Jamie-
Here is an update on Sully who was born 7/27/13.  He had his 12
week check at the vet last week,  he weighs 8.6 pounds and is
perfectly healthy!  As you can see from the pictures he is absolutely
adorable!  He has adjusted well to his new home.  Potty training
was a breeze and we’re working on some basic commands, which
he is picking up very quickly.  My cousin met him and she now told
me  that they’re expecting a little gir (from you)l to come home in
December. We couldn’t be happier for them and we’re so excited
for Sully to have a playmate!
The love we have for our boy is almost beyond words.  Thank you
for providing us with such a wonderful puppy and giving him a
great start to his life!  I will continue to sing your praises and
spread this amazing Cockapoo love wherever we go!
With much appreciation (& puppy kisses),
Amy, Rick, Halle, & Sully~ Mondovi, WI
Hi Jamie,
My son and his girlfriend carved this picture of Mabel.  We thought
you would like to see it.  We are having so much fun with her and
really love her!
Donna- Park Ridge, IL
Greta (1) is the taco and Mia (2) is the hot dog. They had lots of
fun trick-or-treating!
Margaret- Fond du Lac, WI
Charlie, Halloween 2013!
Howdy Jamie & Sandy,
Just wanted to send you photo's of our awesome dog Rafa
(pronounced Rah-fa). Named after top tennis player Rafael Nadal.
Rafa has been an absolute joy and has been a wonderful addition
to our family!!!
He undoubtedly is the smartest, handsomest, and most athletic dog
in the world (we're not biased...)!
His favorite football player is Jordy Nelson (former Kansas State
all-american and current Packer standout).
Here's a quick profile of his first year:
He was Summa Cum Laude of his puppy obedience school.
He has a "KING" persona.
Rafa loves to chase leaves.
Gets along well with others... see photo with our friends dogs.
Likes to be outdoors with his "sisters" and enjoys playing 'fetch'.
Is a good guard dog, but as soon as someone (anyone for that
matter) approaches him he rolls over and wants them to scratch his
tummy. He's a lover not a fighter.
We celebrated his first birthday on 10/31.
Cheers from Kansas,
This is jasper. We got him in spring 2011. He has been a great
addition to our family. He loves being with kids but also loves to
cuddle. Thank you for breeding and loving them. Now our friends
want one too.
We got our puppy from you in Aug 2010.  She is the best and smartest
puppy.  She has even taught her buddy, Shiloh our bengal cat, to ring
her bells when he wants to go outside.     
Eleanor from Thunder Bay, Ontario
Hi Jamie,
Just a quick note of Maddie.  She is doing great!  We love, love, love
her to bits.  She learns very quickly and has gotten the hang of
housebreaking very easily.  She started puppy class last night and
once she has gained a bit more confidence she'll be right in the to
play with our cat Riley.  She's not sure what to make of the horses
and loves to ride in the car.  She is super friendly and wiggly to
everyone she meets.  It's so hard to believe that she'll be 11 weeks
old tomorrow and that we'll have had her for 3 weeks.  We love
having a dog in the house again, it just brightens your day. Attached
is a picture pose for the camera.  We just love her so much.  Thanks
for letting us adopt her.
Joan- Marquette, MI
Hi Jamie,
Thought I would send a picture of our sweet little Sophie with her
big sister Holly! She is getting ready to celebrate her very first
Christmas! Could not be happier that we have her, thank you
Merry Christmas,
Tom & Carol
We got our dog from you about 2 years ago. His name was
peanut, now Finley. He is the best!!! Spoiled and we love every
minute with him.
Hi Jamie,
I just wanted to let you know he passed the AKC STAR Puppy Test
and already passed out of basic class. We are working on stay and
doing some agility this winter. Hope you had a wonderful
thanksgiving! I know we are so thankful to have such a sweet puppy
in our lives :)
Take care,
Gabby & Jordan- Antigo, WI
Jamie & Sandy,
It has been 1-1/2 years ago since we got our puppy from
you. So here is a quick update of my little Chester (Max born
4-14-2012): He is a very lovable, smart dog and so much
fun to have. I've trained him in obedience and agility. I
started training him in agility in mid January. He has
competed in three different AKC Agility trials since October,
and we have taken 1st place each time. He is my Blue
Ribbon boy! He has earned two titles so far: CGC and NAP
(yesterday). We are so proud of him.  Attached are a few
pictures of him from his first show. Enjoy. :)
Cindy- Lomira, WI
Good morning.  Just thought I would share this picture with you:)  
Ziggy crawled into a blanket on the couch this morning, he's pretty
spoiled, but at least he knows how to stay warm on these cold
mornings! :)
Take Care,
Hi Jamie,
Our puppy has brought so much joy and laughter to our family!  Thank
you for your part in breeding her, taking care of her during the first crucial
weeks and matching her up with our family.  She enjoys playing outside
(especially in the sandbox), taking walks, riding in the car and playing
games with our two boys (ages 6 & 8).  She has been through two
training classes and has a reputation for being the happiest dog her
trainer has ever seen.  Her hilarious attempts to sit while her butt is
wiggling like a worm with excitement is the cutest thing!  But, she does
her obedience and tricks training with ease.  She's very loving with us
and other animals.  We really could not have asked for a better suited
Brandon, Penney, Jonah & Sawyer
Dear Sandy and Jamie - greetings from your Colorado
family! We wanted to send you some pics of Cooper... He
turned 6 in November and is doing great!! We love this dog
so much he is such a huge part of our family and the love
we have for him is indescribable !!! He goes almost
everywhere with us and really loves to play in the snow and
seeing all of his buddies during walks in the winter!  In the
summer he loves to come camping with us! He has been
minute of it!! Just wanted to update ... Thanks again for our
special little boy!!! Sincerely Carrie
Hi Jamie,
Wanted to give you a quick update on Hannah. We've renamed her "Tui"
(pronounced like chewy). She is the best thing that ever happened to us!!
She is so sweet. Loves giving kisses and is very playful! She's 10 weeks
old now, and is pretty much fully potty trained -- goes to the door and
whines. She's also getting used to her kennel.
She knows how to sit, lay down, and recognizes her name when we call.
The last photo that I attached is when she got to visit me at work for the
day! All of my coworkers are obsessed with her. I frequently get the
comments "she looks like a teddy bear" or "she is the CUTEST dog I
have ever seen." And we think so too. :) She is very loved and we are so
happy. Can't wait to convince my fiancé that she needs a sibling. :)
Sara- St. Louis Park, MN
Jamie…I purchased my "Sasha" from you in
December…she was shipped to Phoenix (Sky Harbor)
Arizona.  She has grown so much and everyone at our
Resort loves Sasha…she is a great pup!  She potty
trained in a week…I have taught her to ring a bell by the
She now plays with two yellow labs…they love her and
she loves them!  We walk together and Sasha walks
between them…of course…just a bit ahead of them.  
Imagine two 70+lb yellow labs and an 8lb black puppy
walking between them.  She is jumping all over them and
they just walked and sit and allow her to do this to them.  
They are so careful with her.  They will leave, in March, to
go back to Ontario for the summer.  She won't see them
until next November.
Sasha is so darn cute.  Everyone stops to see the "Sash"
…she also knows where to stop on our walks for treats
from people.  She sleeps on my bed…I get HER out of
bed in the mornings…she is in "retirement mode".  
Someone asked me if she was "trained"…I told them
she was "trained" in one week…she rings the bell.  
Debra- Eau Claire, WI
I hope all is well!  As an update, Sully and Einstein (my cat) are now best
friends and are currently snuggling in the doggie bed together. We
couldn't be happier.  He's also added a new level of challenge to my
hobby of photography - I completely feel your pain for trying to
photograph puppies! I've gotten a few good ones - but it is a major
challenge to get him to stay still for a second!  I've attached one of my
favorite recent pictures.
Take care,
Mary- Lombard, IL
It’s been a little over two years since Winston arrived into
our family. I must say when doing research on a breeder
I found  the philosophies and background behind Cute
Cockapoos was exactly what we were looking for. I have
NEVER had a dog in my entire life, so was very careful
about choosing a breed. Well, two years later…..Winston
truly is a part of our family. We are ALL in love with him!
My husband and I have five girls and one boy, and every
member of the family LOVES LOVES LOVES Winston. It’s
hard to believe it’s been two years already, but Winston
couldn’t be more lovable (and SO DARN CUTE!). Just as
your website states, he was easy to train, loving,
affectionate, and has an incredibly sweet and polite
disposition. Thank you for making our lives richer with the
addition of Winston. You truly breed and raise amazing
Rosemary-Fairport, NY
We bought your "Sam", your "Max" 2 years ago and couldn't be happier with
him! Our girls love him and he's truly a member of our family!
So I bought "Prince" now known as Tucker  from you guys in march off 2012.
He is an absolute joy!! Everyone that meets him loves and wants him!! I am
telling everyone about your website and dogs and I also look for a companion
for Tucker on your website.  Thanks for my little man!
Hi Jamie,
Here is an update about our puppy we picked up from you last October.  She
was born 8-26-13 and was called, “Izzy.”  We named her Maggie and we are
completely in love with her!  Maggie is hilarious and fun, sweet and adorable.  
She is 7 months old now and has grown so much.  Maggie is smart and has
learned a number of commands.  She is always eager to learn something
new, especially when treats are involved!   She loves to go places and loves
everyone she meets, whether people or animals!  Maggie has become a
much-loved member of the family.  We always say to her, “How come you are
so cute?  But, of course, you are from Cute Cockapoos!”  Ha-ha!  Thank you
so much for such a wonderful puppy!
Dave, Kim, Grant & Kate
Ramsey, Minnesota
I would like to tell you that today is Ella Grace Johnson's
first birthday. She has been with us 10 months and 10
know she is very well potty trained and loves long walk.
She is a very intelligent and strong puppy. Her life is
spoiled and she is surrounded by loving people.
Everyday she gets lots of hugs and kisses but also lots
of play time. Ella was the best addition to our family and
we cannot imagine our lives without her. She loves to
jump and will do anything for meat, peanut butter, and
playing with the laser pointer. She can go on 4 mile jogs,
which for her are 4 mile walks. If try to separate Ella from
her birth blanket Heel. She has many boyfriends and
loves to go see them, one of them was also raised by
you. Her love is endless and every morning she jumps
on top of you for love and when you leave she grabs your
leg to keep you home. She can now do many tricks, such
as: shake, touch, dance, roll-over and high five. I thought
I would let you know how she is doing and how loving
her family is.
The Johnson's {Claire-the youngest human of the family}
Verona, WI
Hi Jamie
Just wanted to share a photo of Greta (now Mazzey) with our Labradoodle
Lucy who is one. They love, love each other Lucy mothers Mazzey - so I
have a built in babysitter/ trainer.  Mazzey is already house broken & sleeps
through the night. Mazzey is a great dog - we love her.  Also, at puppy class
we met her brother - paddle - parent is Maggy from Delafield so they were
excited to see each other again.
Take care, enjoy the photos.
>Kim- Pewaukee, WI
Things are going great with lil mister Cooper! He and Nessa
play until they both crash and fall asleep! He cried and was a
little unsure the first day here, but now he's walking around like
he owns the place! You are an amazing individual to spend
your time and give love to all of these  wonderful creatures.
Here are a few pictures we thought you might you enjoy! :)
-Emily, Michael, Nessa, and Cooper
Hi Jamie-
Our puppy is just perfect.  He's our little gem, we just love him to death.  
with us whenever we go out to eat.  Dogs are very welcomed here.
Thanks again for our little buddy.
Erin- Amsterdam
Here is Kona, she will be 18 weeks already this Saturday!
Kona has brought our family so much fun, joy, laughter! She
is AMAZING with kids, we have 6 kids of our own plus I have
daycare kids as well.  We have introduced her to every other
dog possible and she wants to play with every one of them
big and small.  She is so well rounded.  She is a swimming
water dog too!  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift.  I
definitely want another Cockapoo puppy from you!
Many blessings, from the Dowell Sondelski family
She is so full of character.  She had another action packed weekend at
our cabin in Walker, MN.  She LOVES to ride on the jetski with me.  If I
don't take her with she will sit on shore and whine the whole time.  She
also was excited to see where we were going when we boarded the
shuttle bus to drop our 12-year-old daughter off at camp on Sunday.
Thought you might enjoy some pics.
Hi Jamie and Sandy!
We couldn't be happier with our Addie, who was whelped on
10-21-13 and picked up from you homeward bound on 12-14-13.  
She has transitioned to her new home......potty trained quickly,
sits, sits pretty (up), and has made lots of friends (even the staff
at the vet's office are eager to hold and cuddle!)   She has filled
loves to cuddle and yet is very obedient.  Thank you for taking
such good care of her and giving her a great start!!
The Svatosches
Lisbon, Iowa
Sending you a quick note with some pictures our boy, Sully.  
He turned one today and is as much a joy now as the day we
brought him home.  Can’t imagine our lives without him!  He is
so smart and sweet, not to mention cute!  He’s sporting his
summer cut right now, and is even more beautiful with his hair
grown out.  Again, thank you so much for providing us with
such a wonderful dog!
Hi Jamie!
First of all, I just wanted to let you know that Ollie is doing well!  I’ve
attached a recent picture of him here.  He is the cutest little puppy
and has the best personality.  He gets so many compliments.  We
can’t take him anywhere without someone coming up to us and
telling us that he’s the cutest puppy they’ve ever seen (and we
agree!).  Strangers are always asking us where we got him and we
tell them to Google “Cute Cockapoos.” Good thing it’s so easy to
Becky- Whitefish Bay, WI
This is Chewbacca when he first arrived in our home (on the left,)
and now at 9 months (on the right.)  He has been a wonderful
addition to our family and we can't imagine it without him.  Thank you
-James Chicago, IL
Just wanted to show you how she is at 6months!! This way you can
show others how beautiful the tri color is when grown!! We Love
her!! Thank you Jamie for such a Beautiful Dog!!
Tracey- New York
Hi Jamie. I can't give enough thanks for letting us have this
bundle of joy, our Luna. She is such an amazing girl so
sweet and obedient. I hope you have a wonderful
thanksgiving, thanks again.
Esmeralda- Kitty Hawk, NC
Hi Sandy and Jamie,
I just took this picture and couldn't resist sending it your way. Here is
3 year old Scooter and 10 month old Penny (your Tilly) spooning on a
gloomy Fall morning in Libertyville, IL. These two are either resting or
playing...there is very little in between. It took Scooter a little while to
ear), but I can safely say, we are over that hurdle. For anyone thinking
of getting a second, do it! This picture says it all.
Nola is doing great!  She is so loyal and loving.  I had the flu and
she laid by my side for  5 days.  I attached her picture with Santa.   
Thank you again for a wonderful dog.
Happy Holidays,
Hello Jamie and Sandy
This is a picture of Finleigh at four months old. She has brought much
happiness and love to me, my home and family. She trained very
easily, and is very smart. She is loved by her big brother Golden
Retriever, Baron, children and grandchildren. All my family and friends
say, she is just adorable. She makes my everyday ,very special!
Cindy- Wautoma, WI
Hi Jamie-
Here is a photo of Buddy during his first visit to the beach, he loved
the ocean and walking in the sand! I have also included a photo of
him with his best friend Millie who our family also adopted from you!
Ailie- New Jersey
Hi Jamie!
We haven't sent you pictures of our Harlee in a while. He is now a
year & a half and has truly become a member of our family. He brings
laughter and joy to each day. Such a sweetheart, thank you again for
our precious treasure!
Happy Holidays to you & your family!
-Gabby & Jordan
Antigo, WI
Hi Jaimie!  We just had to say hello and happy holidays!  Lilly has
been the best thing ever to happen to our family!!  She has
brought so much love and laughter, and she really is such a good
puppy. We could not have picked a better fit for us (or a cuter
one!). People often say "is she real??" Because she looks so
cute like a stuffed animal haha!  One of the pics she's on her
back, that's how she loves to sleep, it's so funny:-). And I always
get the comment that her and I and my son have the same it!!  The pic of her in the husband says she
looks like a model;-). She just loves the snow!  And the first pic is
from Xmas morning, the surprise went perfect, definitely a
Christmas of a lifetime for all of us!!!  The boys had heart attacks
and kept asking "is she ours???"..was too funny!  Sorry to ramble
on, but my heart is just over filled with love, and we can't thank you
enough for giving us this most special, precious life and new
member of the Schwartz clan:-). THANK YOU!!!
Ben and Noel- Lake Zurich, IL
Just wanted to send you some photos of our Bella (your Sophie).  We
love her to death and she has been very easy to train.  We've even
considered getting a 2nd Cockapoo from you but want to wait till Bella
is a little older.  She loves people and Loves car rides!  She did so
well the day we got her riding 11 hours back to northwestern MN.  
We're excited to see how she plays outside this summer as she
already loves digging in the snow and dirt when we take her out.  Might
be a new challenge of training! :)
We get so many compliments on how pretty, fluffy and cute she is.  
Her coloring is so pretty and I love how she can look dark or light red
depending on the lighting.  I also admire your photo taking abilities as
its really hard to get a good photo of her!
I'm excited for her to get a little older so I can take her with to my office
during the day.  Thanks for raising such cute puppies!  Bella is the 1st
pet I have ever owned and we love her so much!
Sally- Minnesota
Thought you might like to see a few pictures of our Emmy (your
Cocoa Bean). She was born on September 17, 2014 and we
picked her up on November 7th. She is almost 9 months old and
we absolutely love her!  We live on Pike Lake in Hartford where she
went for her first boat ride and loved it. We also live on a farm with
black angus cows - she's very curious about them and is quickly
becoming their friend. She is such a little love and is SO smart. She
loves to snuggle and be near people at all times. We really couldn't
have asked for a better dog.
Thank you for raising such great puppies - hope you're doing well!
Gary, Jackie, Hailey, Macy, & Emmy- Hartford, WI
Our Finnegan will be 19 weeks old Tomorrow and has become a
cherished part of our family. He is both playful and cuddly, and loves
to be outside taking walks and most recently has become my jogging
partner. Most people say that he is the cutest puppy they have ever
seen and are surprised that he is a cockapoo, because of his
different look/coat. He is a handsome boy! Thank you for all you did to
bring him into our lives!
The Halley Family~ Kingsford, MI
Hi. Lola here. Today is my 3rd birthday. I used to get a Happy Meal on
my birthday. But, Mom has gone all organic on me so we are
celebrating with "healthy" treats. I am ready to PARTAY!
Sent from my Mom, Patty Carlson
It is so funny how different they look.
Thanx for 2 great dogs :)
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