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Here are more wonderful customer updates!!
Ruby Buttons has been an amazing addition to our family.  Her new
best friend is our 6 year old Japanese Chin Lindy.  She has so much
more energy now that Ruby is with us!  The two of them travel with us
wherever we go.  We've already taken Ruby through several states.
Eric- Madison, WI
Writing with an update of our Cockapoo babies.  Sully will be two
in July and still doing great.  Saydee is 8 months and has been
a wonderful addition to our family.  They got their spring time hair
cuts today so it was a good time for some picture taking.  Sully is
on the left in the “before” picture, and on the right in the “after.”  It’
s hard to believe that Saydee has grown to be his size already.  
They’re both very healthy, happy dogs and we love them to
Thanks again for all your efforts in breeding such wonderful pets!
Hi Jamie:
Wanted to send you
a quick update on
our puppy, Ollie, that
we got at the end of
February. He is so
much fun and we
love having him as
part of the family. We
love his playful
personality and
couldn’t be happier
with our decision to
get a Cockapoo.
Attached is a picture
of Matt and Ollie from
a few weeks ago.
Thanks again!
Matt and Erin
Milwaukee, WI
Hi Jamie,
A year ago from
today Toby joined
our family. He has
grown up and
taken over our
hearts. We love
him. Thanks again!
La Crosse, WI
We brought Woody home last September 2014. He  is the best
dog. Great listener and so sweet.  He loves playing with the kids
and the neighbor dogs, swimming, playing fetch, etc.
Here is a recent photo. He gets constantly receives compliments
on his coloring and how handsome he is.
Jennifer- Racine, WI
Attached are a couple of of just Lola in her patriotic
kerchief and one of Lola with her brother Winston celebrating the 4th
in style.
We hope you are all doing well. If I could I would have a dozen of your
cute pups.
Hello Jamie,
I wanted to send a couple pics and did make a video on my phone
but it's sideways. Have to figure out how to do it differently. Maybe on
my camera. Anyway, Larry is a complete joy!!!! We all love him to
death and he has been very good. Only up once around 3 am and
then 6ish so not bad at all. He knows the drill. And our back yard is
pretty private and nice and big for him to explore always with his
nose to the ground.  Almost knows his name too and doesn't whine
when he gets put in kennel for nap or for the night. We couldn't be
happier that we have him in our lives. Everyone that has met him so
far wants to take him home. NOT!! told then where they could get
one though.*:) happy Thanks again for giving us a great puppy and
will keep you informed as he grows.
Our happy regards,
SueAnn and Jon- Sheboygan Falls, WI
Hi Jamie -
Just wanted to send a quick update on our babies.
Our youngest, Brantley, turned one today! Both of our boys are the
best dogs we could ever ask for. They both have such great
personalities. There's never a dull moment when they're around.
This picture is of Ollie (left, 14 months) and Brantley (right, 12
Hope you're doing well! Every time I see you post new puppies, it
makes me want another one. :)
Becky- Whitefish Bay, WI
It's Kneesaa's first birthday today and I just had to say
thank you for this wonderful, loving dog.  She's hard to
get a picture of because she is always at my feet or on
my lap!  We constantly get comments on her color.    
We couldn't love her more!  So,thanks for breeding
such wonderful dogs.
Carl and Kay
Hi Jamie!
Just wanted to update you on Copper a.k.a. your Ben. I have attached a few pictures. He
is five months old already and growing up on us. He just got groomed up yesterday at
Pet Smart and looks great. Eventually I'm hoping I can do this, but they are getting him
ready for me. He is doing wonderful! He has found his place in our family and is an
awesome dog! He had some aggressiveness issues when he was younger but has
either been trained out of it or grown out of it. It's like it stopped over night, awesome! He
is very loving and completes this family in many ways. Our kids are still ecstatic that we
were finally able to get a dog. But if would have got one any earlier we would never have
our Copper. It's one of the best decisions we have made. Timing is really everything. He
is totally house broke and has been for months now but just recently finally started to
ding the bell for us when he needs to go out. We use a bell on the floor from our game
“Pit” and he dings with his nose. It's pretty cute. Speaking of cute, he is adorable, and
very social! He loves everybody and all dogs. Everyone loves him and can't believe how
cute he his. He goes to doggy daycare once in a while and absolutely loves it there. He
follows the Cockapoo traits, loves being with us and needs to know where someone is
all the time. He will move around the house to sleep just to be near someone. We used
the crate at night for the first month or so, maybe a little more. But when he started
sleeping through the night we moved him to his pet pen and he has spent his nights
there ever since without any trouble at all. He knows his sit, down, stay for a while, (still
working on longer stays), come when called is good in the house and the backyard,
(needs work when elsewhere), he shakes hands, and gives a high five and sometimes
a high ten and his getting the wave down. I just started to work on the roll over a few
days ago and sit pretty. He loves his training time, it challenges him. Pretty good for only
five months old! He went through puppy kindergarten and will do obedience class in
December. He has his little operation coming up in a couple of weeks. We scheduled it
so he would be healed up for the holidays. He was weighed yesterday when I stopped
by the vet's office for some stuff and he was a whopping 18.6 lbs.  A good size, healthy
He is doing great Jamie. You would be proud of him. Will update you again down the
road as he continues to grow up.
Jan and Arnie
Here's some updated pictures of our cute Bailey! We absolutely
love her and she is doing wonderful! She is in puppy class and
has learned how to sit, lay down and settle. She is a great
traveler in the car and enjoyed her first camping experience! She
has been sleeping through the night since the second week we
had her and goes to the door when she needs to go outside! We
have not had any accidents in a long time!
Braden and Brenda
Hi Jamie!
We purchased two red male pups from you last summer, "Cooper" and
"Jackson", and we absolutely love them. My parents kept Cooper, who
is now named Rory, and we kept the bigger one, Jackson, who is now
named Jost (photos attached). Jost is very mellow and snuggly, and
everyone who meets him loves him. Walking him is like walking around
with a celebrity!
Lauren & Tim- Madison, WI
Hi Jamie –
Riley, formerly “Chase” will be eight months old the end of this
week.  We have been blessed to have him in our family since mid-
July.  He is the sweetest dog with the softest fur.  His puppy pre-
school instructor said he had “beachy” hair.  I best compare him to
Owen Wilson.
I never had a dog before, now I cannot ever imagine not having
Riley.  Between my wife and two sons, he has become my dog.  I
love the little guy.  When I get home from work, he’ll work over and
plop down on my feet before I can put my work bag down.  When I
open up his crate on weekend mornings, he’ll walk out and lay on
his back on top of my feet.  If I go into another room that he does
not have access to, he’ll wait at the gate for me to come back.  I
also find myself doing the previously unimaginable.  I am the
official tooth brusher in the house.  Nothing gets that tail wagging
like the sight of a long-handled toothbrush and poultry flavored
toothpaste.  As an aside, I can’t imagine why people would get a
dog’s tail docked.  How horribly cruel.  It is so much his personality
that way he carries it.  The first time I taught him to shake my hand,
I nearly wept.  I was so proud of him.  Whenever he needs to go
and do his business, he’ll ring a bell that we have hanging on the
doorway to the side yard.  Sometimes it’s a ruse, just to go out and
get a whiff of the cold refreshing air.  We’re getting wise to him, but
he is always looking for some patsy to let him outside.  On walks,
he gets excited whenever the prospect of meeting people arises.  If
he hears kids playing, he’ll stop until he can determine the
direction the sound is coming from and then wants to head that
way.  Landscapers, roofers, deliverymen all end up smiling at him.  
Even meeting up with his vet gets him excited.  They all know Riley
there.  All of the neighbors and people that he meets, can’t get over
how cute and soft he is.  I think your business is aptly named.  He
also never turns down an opportunity to be brushed -  I think it
relaxes him.  Contrary to when the doorbell rings, then he is on
high alert and lets it be known that he is the “guard” dog my wife
always wanted.
My oldest son will go away to college in the fall and is already
talking about missing Riley.  This was the boy who was afraid of
and would run from dogs when he was growing up.  Now they are
both so gentle to one another.  It’s like Riley gets him.  Needless to
say, Riley has found a way to everyone’s heart in the family.
It’s so nice to see you have new puppies posted on your website.  I
tell everyone about you hoping to send business your way and a
loving dog into their lives.  Best of success to you in the coming
year.  To me, your greatest success was when you brought Riley
into our family and my life.  Thanks again Jamie.  Enjoy the photos!
Tom- Chicago, IL
I wanted to send you some pictures of Ruby's first week at her
forever home! She is the biggest cuddle bug and SO SMART!!! It
takes her one time to learn something, we can't believe it. She is
such a show stopper too! Every time we take her outside, at the
very least 3 people always stop to comment on how adorable she
is, they want to take a picture or they want to pet her! We feel like
we're with a movie star! We love this baby so much it's unreal.
She is so spoiled already, every one is getting her toys, my
Grandma even made Ruby her very own quilt! Lol she loves it.
Thank you for giving us the greatest joy!!!
Our hearts are so full!!
Talk soon,
Kahli - Chicago, Illinois
Hi to all
I wanted to let you know that one of your pups has been
certified as a therapy dog. He was born in August 2014 to
Peanut and Bobbie and I think you may have called him Tucker,
he has tuxedo coloring.
KC and I have completed a variety of preparatory courses
including Canine Good Citizen en route to certification.
To your credit our therapy dog instructor has often commented
on his loving demeanor, intelligence, and  the quality of his
KC loves to visit at the local adult daycare center, the library
Read to a Dog program, and the residential center for folks with
severe disabilities.
Holly and Jill- Madison, WI
This is our little Winston.  Almost 3 mo. old.  Potty trained.  Walking &
running on a leash.  Sleeping 8 hrs. every night in his crate & own
bedroom so mom & dad get to sleep too!  We are really enjoying him.  
Thanks for a great puppy.
Pam & Michael- Okauchee
Hi Jamie!
Our boy, Beckett (who was from Murphy and Rosie's
litter) turned 3 years old today! Thought you might enjoy
a few pictures of him. He was quite excited about getting
his presents this morning!
As I've said to you before, he really is the best dog we
could have ever asked for. He continues each day to
bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. I really
can't thank you enough for him.
Enjoy the pictures!
We love our Cockapoo Stella! When we got her 5 years ago she was
mostly all white and all the white part turned to black spots! We were
just back at Cute Cockapoos  to pick up our daughter's new puppy!
She fell in love with Stella and had to get her own Cockapoo! Stella
has been the best dog! She really loves her time at our cabin looking
for the elusive chipmunk! We love the fact that she is so cuddly yet so
athletic! After seeing the new puppy, we are very tempted to add
another Cockapoo to our family!
Minneapolis, MN
Hi Jamie,
Nola is doing great. We got her from you in mid-March 2015, one of
two from Bree/Houdini.
We wanted to send her dad Houdini a picture of how she has grown
and say Happy Father's Day. We thank you for a beautiful red
Cockapoo puppy. She has give our life a whole new energy.
Griffin was 2 years old June 4th 2016. He is
the sweetest dog,  and loves to play.  His
favorite game is fetch the ball. My husband
and I love and enjoy having this little
companion :)
Hi Jamie-
Gunner is growing! He is such a pleasure!  I take him to
daycare when I can tell he needs company.  He sleeps
for days.  His favorite is Sadie a little bigger than him.  He
just runs for the teachers there and when I pick him up
he runs into my arms.  He plays in the morning all
around the house and when tired puts his paws up on
John's recliner by the feet. Into his arms with a hoof to
chew on.  Sleeps over an hour.  Doesn't like to go for
walks or fetch balls.  My daughter takes him in the pool.  
He loves it!  Then he sleeps.  Next week the booster shot
and other shots.  I would recommend daycare because
he learned how to play with puppies.  A week ago he fell
asleep and all the dogs were playing around him in the
circle.  He sleeps a lot but brief naps and is eating more
now.  So glad I have my baby.  He sleeps in his crate next
to my head thru the night!
Janet-De Pere, WI
Dear Jamie,
We just love our new puppy! We named her Madison. She is so sweet and
adorable. She is pretty much potty trained. She socializes well with other
dogs (my 3 kids all have dogs).
I am so happy that I found you on-line. I'm so pleased. Couldn't ask for a
better puppy!
Jody- Hinsdale, Illinois
Cooper just turned one in July and he's our little lover!  
He's our gentle little boy who loves to be snuggled and
know his family is close by.  Despite his sweet and
sensitive demeanor, he also lets us know he's a playful
little puppy full of energy...he loves to playfully "compete"
with his big Cockapoo brother and they love to wrestle,
play tag and take naps together!
Claudine- iola, WI
Thanks for this sweet girl.  We love her already!  We'll keep you updated!
The Mendozas- Chicago, Illinois
Just wanted to let you know your Cooper born 5/29/15 is alive and well.
He has grown to a healthy 29 lbs. He is the sweetest, snuggliest,
happiest and most laid back dog we have ever known. He is great with
people, kids, all dogs, and a good car passenger too. And what a
fetcher--a candidate for field training even! All of our family and friends
agree he is one of the best dogs ever. He is a treasured companion and
family member. Thank you for breeding quality companion Cockapoos.
He brings so much joy to our lives. Your work is appreciated. Some pics
of Tater with us at home in Wisconsin, and with us last winter in
Thanks again,
We figured we would send you some updated pictures
of Marbles (your Sophie).
She is 3 and a half years old.  Loves to be outside in the
winter but loves the flower  gardens even more.
Hope all is well.
Hi Jamie!
Quick update on Koa, our female Red Merle! She is 5 months old and
is a spunky little ball of energy! She loves giving kisses and loves
attention from any human she meets (which means snuggle time, all
the time). We love her so much!! It will be interesting to watch her adult
coat grow in. Her coloring is so unique and pretty!
We got Tui (Red female) from you a little over two years ago and they
are two peas in a pod! Getting a "sister" for Tui was the best decision
ever. They keep each other busy and tire each other out!
Thank you for our two wonderful dogs! They couldn't have gone to a
more loving home. They are my world!
I've attached a few photos of the two of them. Enjoy!
Sara- Crystal, Minnesota
Hi Jamie!
I just wanted to send you an update on our Bailey as she is just
about 6 months old now, I can't believe how fast that went!
She's a great puppy, she loves her puppy day care and is just
the sweetest dog.  Her and Guinness are really starting to
mesh, they play together a lot more and are slowly becoming
best buds :) we take her just about everywhere we can because
she is just great with everyone, such a social little girl! She is
graduating from advanced puppy training next week and just
received her star puppy award from the AKC. Next we are going
to go for the canine good citizen with her as her trainer says
she's doing so well :) I can't say enough about her she is such
a beautiful well mannered dog with a great personality! I
attached some updated pictures as well, I hope all is well with
Katelyn, Justin, Guinness, and Bailey- Kenosha, WI
Hi Jamie,
Here's the latest on Arlo's first doggy day out at Discovery Park to
celebrate his final vaccine shots :)
He is doing wonderful and is house trained on the main floor. Such a
smart puppy as he now knows how to sit, down, roll, shake paw, wait,
stand and come. He's almost done with puppy kindergarten and we
hope to join middle school after. Arlo keeps our son Mason on his toes
as they both don't like to share. They are still learning and it's definitely
like having 2 toddlers in the house but they just love each other. Mason
kisses him goodnight anytime we head for bed or naps in the
afternoon. When going to places I need to add on an extra 30 minutes
just so I'm not late getting to my destination. It takes double to time to
get anywhere when I have him with me because everyone just wants to
say hi to him and tell me how cute he is!! He has quite a following of
puppy friends on Instagram now...
For more updated pictures check out:
Hope all is well! I can't wait to see new puppy pictures on your website
just to window shop!!
Jill- Seattle, WA
Hi Jamie,
We wanted to send a picture of our Bucky! He's now 7 months,
pictures were taken a little past 6 months. We never thought we
could love an animal so much! He is sweet, friendly, playful, and
everyone loves his colors! There are also about 4 other
cockapoos in our neighborhood all from you!
Thanks again, and we are still thinking of adding another one
from you!
Brian and Nicole
So it has been 1 1/2 years since I adopted this peanut. Maggie,
as we now call her, has been such a blessing to our home.
Hi Jamie,
Hope you are well!! Sorry it's been so long since I've touched base - we've been very busy with our new pup! We named her Madison Mae
and she is more perfect than we could have ever imagined. She is super smart, very affectionate and friendly and just all around such a
good girl. She finished with all of her shots on Saturday and will have her first puppy play date, and first outside walk, next weekend.
We've been asked by almost everyone we know where we got her so there's a good chance a few people reach out!
Here are some pictures for you - includes her airport pick up, vet appointments, Labor Day, pool day and just generally around the house.
She cracks me up because she actually poses. She is so photogenic! I take the same picture of her every week in one of her beds and it's
so fun to watch how she grows.
We're so in love and will continue to keep you updated on her. Thank you so much for making our family complete!
Danielle- Staten Island, NY
Hi - it is Linda,  I got a puppy in August.   She is the daughter of
Mocha and Red Man.  I named her Jessie. She is just wonderful.   
We are getting along great.   She is so sweet and easy.  Jessie
and my existing dog Molly are getting along great!
Thanks so much!!!    I love my baby!
Linda- Canton, Illinois
Dear Jaime,
Attached is a picture of Madison. She is 7 months already. I can't tell
you how much we love her. She brings such joy into our lives. She is
so friendly and smart and loves being around people and other
dogs. I am so happy with her. I'm very thankful that I found your
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Best regards,
Jody- Hinsdale, Illinois
5 year update! Has been 5 years since we adopted our furry baby
from Cute Cockapoos and he is as amazing as ever! Thanks so
much for the light of our lives!
Kelsey- Stockton, Illinois
Hey Jamie,
I hope all is well.  I have attached a couple of pictures of Ollie
(Reggie) from May 2016 liter.  His parents are Maggie and Houdini.   
We absolutely love him.  The pictures are with his 1/2 sister that
lives in our neighborhood.   Nola was in the January 2016 liter and
they share Houdini as a father.  Tons of fun when we get them
together!  I can't thank you enough for all the joy and love Ollie has
brought into our family!
Dave- Wauwatosa, WI
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