Potty Training your Cockapoo Puppy
I finally found a training crate that I agree with and recommend to
my customers. I do not believe that stuffing a puppy into a tiny
crate will properly teach them to be house broken so I have
always recommended to my customers that if they are going to
use a traditional training crate to also attach an exercise pen to it
so that their puppy can get out of their crate to relieve themselves
on potty pads put down within their exercise pen. If that is not an
ideal situation for you I highly suggest the Potty Training Puppy
Apartment by Modern Puppies. Unlike a traditional crate it has a
divider with a doorway so that your puppy can sleep on one side
and get out to use the bathroom on the other side!
Order the Puppy Apartment through their website and
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Sizes available:  
Small (for puppies 5 to 10 lbs.)
Medium (for puppies 11 to 20 lbs.)
Large (for puppies 21 to 40 lbs.)
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Hello Jamie,
It is hard to believe a whole year has gone by since Maya was born (to Myla &
Houdini).  She has been doing well   We have attached a few photos so you can see
how she has grown - she is about 20# now.  Her coat turned out to be wavy and very
soft, and she has retained most of her white markings.  Sadly, the one on her head is
not very visible anymore, and we have been trying to save the white tip on her tail, but
her red coat will probably win out there eventually, too.  

We wish we had a dollar for every time someone told us how cute Maya is, and how
much they love her color.  People seem to be drawn to her and want to pet her.  We
just returned from a 2-month stay on Hilton Head Island in SC, where we walked her
and played ball with her on the beach almost every day.  She is very playful and active,
and she was in heaven there!  She got to meet lots of dogs and their humans - great
socialization for her.  Also, on this trip, we had a chance to see how she would react to
a 2-day 18-hr journey (each way) by car.  She rode quietly the entire way - we were

Maya has been through several puppy training classes so far, including the AKC STAR
Puppy program, so she knows her basic commands.  We are thinking of enrolling her
in an agility class for the next round.  She is smart, and has excellent reflexes / speed,
so she would probably do well and be entertained by the experience.  We are also still
working toward training her to be a therapy pet.  It will take time and development, but
we think she is capable.  She has the right temperament, likes people, and really
enjoys touch / attention

Thank you for bringing this adorable puppy into the world one year ago, and for
allowing us to adopt her into our family.  She has brought us lots of joy…and many
sticks, balls, and toys, as well

Chris & Sue-Portage, WI
I guess you could say he’s a little spoiled! Wanted to share
these pics with you :)
Abbey- Milwaukee, WI
We love our Ginger!  She is one today and full of spunk.  She loves
to play, go for walks, and cuddle.  She is the best dog I’ve ever
owned.  Ginger is fun, loving, great around kids and smart!  Thank
you for breeding such wonderful dogs!
Hi Jamie,
It's been one year since adoption day for our sweet little Kevin. He
definitely fits right into our little family  completely and is the
perfect little boy. We just love him to pieces. Thanks for everything!
Ben, Kimberly, and Kevin-Seymour, WI
This is Gilda. She was born May 10, 2010. 7 1/2 already. She is
beautiful, funny and so smart. We love her to pieces. I can't
imagine life without her. She has lived in Wisconsin and various
places in Florida, currently in Palm Coast Florida on the beach.
She loves hunting for Lizards and chasing Sandpipers. Gerry
Ann and Jim