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We love updates and pictures from our
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I’ve attached a
picture of Emma
with my kids,
Dillon & Corey on
our hammock.  to
be a fine little
young lady.   She
absolutely loves
country living.
Joey is a beautiful dog. He was easy to train and teach
tricks to.  He loves to play fetch and take walks.  And he
is the perfect snuggle buddy while laying on the couch.
Warm regards,
Here is a new picture of Harley.  He turns one on
11-25-08.  He is so much fun.  We could not be
happier with him and you as a breeder.  Harley
has such a wonderful disposition.  He is a bundle
of energy and loves his family and visitors.  
Everyone gets greeted with lots of love.  He potty
trained so quickly and is so obedient.  Harley
continues to fill our family with lots of laughs and
tons of fun.  Each day is a great day with Harley.
Here's our brand new puppy, Riley.  He has been
such a wonderful addition to our family.  Even though
we've only had him a short while everyone has fallen
in love with him.  He is playful and cuddly and has
just the right amount of spunk to keep our house fun.
Thanks so much for letting us adopt Riley into our
family!  We will love him and take great care of him.
The Hendrickson Family
Hi Jamie and Sandy-
I included a recent picture of Charlie for you , he is
adorable!!  He is so fabulous -- a very happy and loving
dog.  He is full of energy, but he also loves to cuddle!
Laura and Bryan
Here is an update on our Murphy. He
did amazing well and the girls were
Christmas tree. We took him to the
vet and he has a clean bill of health.
Everyone just loves him! He is potty
trained and also bell trained too!
I bought nemo from you at the
end of sept.  He is the cutest,
best puppy ever!
Matt and I couldn't be happier with
our puppy. We get stopped several
to know what kind of dog he is and
loves him! Boomer lays down on his
back for belly rubs when people stop
us. Coming home to Boomer is the
best feeling, he provides us with so
much love and kisses!
We have been having a blast with
Chloe, she's very smart, fast, funny,
and full of energy! She never fails to
entertain us. She has picked up potty
training and the common sit, up,
dance, stay, go, and come here
commands very well!  She's just
awesome! She is almost 10 months
old and is just amazing:) THANK YOU!
Cooper is doing great!  We love him so
much.  He is our first dog, so it has been a
total learning experience, but a fun one.  He
has been great for our family.  I am more
than happy to let you use us as a reference,
happy.   Thanks for everything.
We can tell our puppy was cared for in a
kind environment because we had no
problems with her at all.  She has a
wonderful disposition:  calm yet playful,
doesn't bark much and so friendly to
whomever she meets.
Here is Tucker at about 5 months old in to
our family and our cat Zippy and him love
to tussle and play together.  We have
graduated the first segment of puppy class
at Clever K9s and he will soon be getting
his first grooming.  He's full of energy but
loves to cuddle with mom and dad and
give lots of kisses.  We love having him in
our lives.

I just wanted to send you a quick update on our
Ozzy (your Mason).  We have had him for over a
week and he is an absolute love with some
spunk sprinkled in.  I can't thank you enough for
such a great puppy.  He has slept through the
night since the 2nd night home, is about 85%
housebroken, and we have already taught him
sit, lay down & stay.  The vet said that he is in
perfect health and that his temperament is
superb.  Just today, I had to vacuum and thought
that it might scare him but he followed me
wherever I went.  Not to mention that he is the
cutest puppy that I have ever seen.  He is such a
great puppy and I can tell that he is going to
grow into a fantastic dog.  I'm attaching a couple
of pictures - the second one is on our trip to
Boston when he rode around in my daughter's
stroller the whole time.  Everybody thought that
he was her stuffed animal!  Please feel free to
use either picture on your website and we will be
happy to be a reference for you.
The Clark Family
know that Charlie is doing great in his
cuddle, has socialized well with a few
visitors and friends, plays and naps. He's
learning quickly . His first trip to the vet
thought he was one of the cutest puppies
they'd seen in a while, and he had a
wonderful temperament while they
checked him over.  He has a clean bill of
Thank you for a wonderful pup; we're in
Merry Christmas from Milwaukee.  We
wanted to share this latest picture of
Emma visiting Santa.  She is such a
big hit everywhere she goes.  
Everyone tells us how beautiful she
Emma’s friend.  She begins her Adult
Beginner dog class in January. She
has had her first grooming (went
well) and has lost her baby teeth and
her puppy breath, which I miss.   She
is so cuddly too and we can never be
out of her site.  Have a safe Holiday
Season.      Pat
Josie is the best puppy that both Lisa and I have
ever had.  She is so mellow.  She has adapted to
all the changes so easily.  Responds to her name,
when you say,"no" she stops doing whatever it is
she was doing.  She has not had one accident
inside and sleeps with me at night.  Loves her toys
and plays so well with the boys.  We are in love
with her.  Because of your good breeding, we thank
you.  She is so smart, fun and loveable.
Here is a picture of Bailey, I  just wanted to let
you know that I absolutely love her!  She's
happy and healthy and if I ever buy another
Cockapoo in the future, I DEFINITELY know
where to turn...thanks so much to both of
you!!! :)
Amanda (Madison, WI)
We had to have our puppy shipped and I was really
nervous about it but Jamie assured me that he
would be fine. When we picked him up from the
airport Dec. 2007 he proved to us that he was
indeed fine by warming right up to his new family
second cockapoo, our other dog is just a few
months older than him.  They get along very well,
were fast friends, and don't like to be apart from
each other. I could tell Shadow was well cared for in
his previous home, he's loving, and trained very
easy.  We have 2 young daughters that Shadow is
wonderful with, he loves them as much as they love
him!  I am so glad that I found Shadow!  He is a
wonderful, loving dog, and we always get
compliments on how beautiful he is.  Thanks again
to both Sandy and Jamie on such a great dog.  I
would highly recommend them.
Zimmerman Family
Northern MI
We just wanted to send an update on our Jayde
(your Sophie). Jayde turned 5 months yesterday!
We are absolutely in love with her, and couldn't
be more happy. She is the best little puppy. She
is so well behaved and so smart! She loves
everyone and every dog she meets...and away!
trained after 2 weeks of having her, and already
knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, and roll
over! We started walking her right away, and she
did great! She gets so excited when we get ready
to brush her! Jayde is also a great cuddler and
loves to give kisses! She is healthy family! We
attached a couple pictures from Christmas!
Thanks for everything!
~Kevin & Alyssa
Here are some updated pictures
of our puppy. He melts our hearts
and he is also very smart! We
taught him several tricks right
away, and he caught on very fast.
He was easy to house train. We
taught him to ring a bell at the
door when he needs to go out,
and he walked on a leash for us
very fast, so we can easily go for
a daily walk. Some good friends
offered to puppy-sit for us a few
times when we went away, and
they fell in love with him too. Now,
they are buying a buff-colored
puppy for themselves and their
children this spring! Jamie and
Sandy provide healthy, happy,
smart puppies. We could not be
happier with our little guy!
The Sager Family
Our thanks again for having Linus available for us to find and welcome
into our home.  He is a treasure and a joy. He has grown like a weed and
now attends a puppy school, which gives him an opportunity to mix in with
other dogs. We're not too concerned about having a perfectly behaved
dog, just lending some structure for Linus that is good for him, as we
would tend to be too was impressed at how well he did.      
Best regards,
Dave & Carol, Marinette, WI
Here is Farkas at nine
months and he has certainly
added personality to our
family! Farkas is so smart!
We were able to teach He has
lots of energy! Sandy and
Jamie made the whole
process so easy! They sent
everything. We couldn't have
picked a better breeder! -
Thanks for everything!
Hillary and Dennis
Hi Jamie/Sandy,
Just thought you'd
like to see what
Lola looks like at
8 months old.
She is wonderful,
sweet and well
mannered.  We
bought her from
you in June from
an April litter.
The Sabow
Here is Sami that we purchased from you (Jamie) just over
2 years ago.  She is an incredible dog, is so affectionate,
smart and sweet.  My girls (11 and 6) love her to death.  
Thank you, Marianne from Virginia
Our puppy is amazing!! I swear we have the cutest puppy on
earth. He is so sweet. He loves to cuddle when he is tired but
also loves to play. The kids just love him! He gets plenty of
exercise thats for sure. I think he is adjusting well. I will say he
must have really missed his litter and mama though. He's
eating well and had his 1st check up yesterday! The potty But
with how cute he is, thats not to hard!
Thanks again!
We love him already!!
Words can not describe how much we love our
Bella(your Peanut). She is such a snuggler and fits in
so well with our family!
I just wanted to send you a picture of "peter",
who's name is now Teddy. He now weighs 11
pounds and is very very loved!
Molly in Rocking Chair
is my favorite. Those
two are inseparable.
Molly almost seems
like she's smiling.
Hope you enjoy.
Here are a couple of pictures of Bailey she is doing great! One
of the pictures is of our other dog Shelby they are starting to
play with each other.
Just want to send you a picture of Gus,he is year 1/2 old full of
life...always making us laugh at something he does...if its not the toilet
paper ,he like his toys ,and being Master Gus with the family so he
Gus is a joy to our he is smiling all the time ...he is our little
wild guy...playful and funny a joy to us. We get stopped to ask us about
his color very beautiful coat he has and good temper with everyone .
Thanks so much- Nieland Family
Hi Jamie....Ruby is a show stopper..she has won 1st place in 2 contests.,
and she has only been in two........toooooooooooo sweet to match any
other dog! This contest was for Halloween, Ruby won "Cutest Dog!"
When we got Abby, she was the last puppy that you had left so
we had no choice. I think she just must have been meant to be
for us because she could not have been more perfect if we had
had the pick pf the litter. Abby is now 2 1/2 and she loves
Christmas. I thought she just looked so pretty that I had to share
Here is a picture of Ruby, in Boynton Beach , Florida.  We are so proud
of her and she is so well behaved.  We love her very much and hope to
report only the best of her in the future.
Thanks again for shipping her to us.
Terry and Harry
We have Cockapoo Puppies Available now!!
Here is a new picture of Stuart.  He is a joy to behold!  I grow to
adore him more and more every day.  Weeks after bringing Stuart
home -- we were the last ones to realize our dear Hazel was ill.  
We've been debating about getting another dog but once I saw
your website today the debate was over!
Here is a recent photo of Sprecher, who we adopted from you in May.
unique markings. I wanted to write to you to let you know that he has
been a wonderful addition to our family! He has exceeded every
expectation I had ever had about getting a dog. This photo was taken
on the first snowfall of the winter. He absolutely adores snow and has
so much fun playing in it.
Thank you for introducing us to Sprecher, it has been an amazing
experience thus far!
I wanted to share some pictures of Lacey. I’m trying to teach her
good hygiene while she is young and will be used to having her
teeth brushed.  And she also likes to carry her own water bottle
around.  She is just too full of herself.
She has been so amazing.  And she is already potty trained.  We
are now going to obedience classes and besides wanting to love
on all the owners and their dogs, she is picking up everything so
We are already wanting another to bring home to our family.  
Within the next year actually, I would like to adopt a playmate for
Steve and I bought our dog, Molly, from you in January of
2010.  She is an absolute delight and we are seriously
considering another cockapoo puppy from you.
Molly is sweet tempered, playful, and loving.  She
sleeps with us, greets us at the door with such
excitement.  She loves to play, sits on our laps, loves to
play “sockie” which means grabbing our socks and
running into the bedroom with them, and loves playing
with socks, balls, balls in socks, anything squeaky or
crinkly.  She just had her 1 year checkup and is in
perfect health.  Our decision to add her to our life is one
of the best decisions we ever made.  My family even had
a “Welcome Molly” puppy shower for her.  Since we’ve
had her the word awesome comes tumbling off my lips
to describe her.
I thought you would enjoy seeing pictures of Winston.  It is hard to
believe almost a year has gone by since we were first introduced to
loving dog and has brought such joy to our family!  Hope all is well.
Take care,
The Young Family from Lake Forest, IL
Our Zelda continues
to be a joy, and
brightens our lives
every single day. She
just had her 1 year
birthday about a
month ago.   We can
hardly believe there
was a time when we
didn't have her.   
Zelda is both me
and my wife's first
pet, so it's extra
special for us.  She
is just so smart, and
always happy and
wants to play.   
Attached are some
pictures of her.  One
she is snuggling
with my wife.  
Anyway, thanks
-Mark and Jenny
Our Bailey (your Pepper) was just recently one year old. We went to Florida
for 5 weeks with both of our dogs.  They did super in the car for the trip.  
Bailey had her first experience on a sail boat for a two day outing and
seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  Enclosed are some pictures which hopefully
will show you her coloring.  People are always commenting on her coloring
- it is unusual and they like it.
Thanks for the happy, healthy puppy.  We love her.
Sharon and Stan (Madison, Wisconsin)
Three years ago I got our cooper from you and I constantly
have people saying "if you ever want to get rid of him let
them know," lol!  Cooper is wonderful and gentle around
babies and  elderly people,  we have a small shore house
here in NJ, and most of the people are elderly, and they are
always looking for cooper when they walk by our home, he
sits in the window and waits for them to walk by, and when I
walk him they come out  to see him LOL, it so funny!!  So I
really need to thank you for such a wonderful blessing,
Barbara  and Family
I have been enjoying the ever changing puppy life.  Here is a picture of her
during her fist week at home, we will continue to send you updates.
I'm so glad I found you on the internet - she is everything I was looking for
and more.  Can't wait to get a sister for her in the future.
Teri from the Milwaukee area.
Lilly is my son's best friend. She sleeps with him, wraps
herself around his head, she loves to give kisses, she is
VERY smart, she does what we call " dance" stands on her
back legs, and hops like a bunny and turns in a circle. She
also gives "high fives and will paddycake with you, way funny
and cute. Loves our other dog Lexus ( mix breed of unknown
orgin) and our cat of 1  1/2 years, she lets me groom her! She
loves it so much in fact that she lays on her back with all fours
in the air and lets me shave her down. (crazy dog) I keep
telling her she's not normal, she should not like this, but she
Sheri and family:
Cockapoo lovers of Door County
Greetings from Door County, Lilly ( our dog) and Sammy
(dad's dog) send their kisses!!
I have to share with you the genius personality of my parents
dog Sammy. This darling little fur ball brother of mine ( that's
what I call him) has got my mom and dad doing tricks for him!!
They probably wont tell you but I will. This little guy is NEVER
left alone for more than 2 hours, my dad goes into anxiety
attack and starts to worry about Sammy, so whenever they  
have to do something for a length of time, which is not often,
either me or my brother have to come over and puppysit. In
addition, he goes to get professionally groomed on a regualar
basis, and he enjoys PLENTY of treats, beggin strips,
followed by milk bones, and occasional a soft chewy cat treat?
( don't know how that started) , but he knows, he gets this
treat for poop and this treat for pee, and he will not leave
them alone till he gets them. He eats soft dog food, cut into
pieces and microwaved for 9 seconds as he likes it a little
warm, then my mom and dad take turns feeding EACH BITE to
him off a fork. Seriously? I think my parents have went off the
deep end. This has  been on going for the 2 - 3 years they've
had him. When asked what the crazy heck they are doing my
dad says, he won't eat if we don't feed him! They insist this is
true, but I know it's not! Well  I come over, go through the
routine, heat x 9 seconds, blah blah,  i put the food down and
tell darling Sammy, now be a big boy and eat your supper. He
looks at me with a question face, I tell him eat the food or I will.
He sniffs it and eats it by himself , no fork. Now mom and dad
try it , he refuses. Who's got who trained I ask? This is the
most spoiled dog I have ever known in my entire life. He has a
basket of toys, multiple beds throughout the house, it is
hysterical. I have never seen my parents go so crazy over a
pet but they REALLY love that little guy.
Sheri and parents from Door County.
I hope you both are doing well! I just had to send these new
pictures of Cooper your way- I think that he is getting cuter every
day!  I don't think that I have ever seen a cuter puppy! His coat is
getting thicker and more wavy which we just love.
Cooper is doing great. We have been taking him to puppy
classes, he loves to wrestle and play chase. He and Luna
absolutely love each other and they are either playing or
snuggling together. Luna still thinks that she is Cooper's mom,
she just loves him!
Potty training is going pretty well. He goes to the door about
85% of the time so we are still watching him constantly to make
sure he doesn't have any accidents, but we are getting there.
He also is getting much more used to his kennel, and he
doesn't cry nearly as much when he has to go in there. I think
that one of the things I love most about Cooper is how much he
likes to snuggle on my lap. He currently is fast asleep on my
lap while I type this- he really is such a wonderful lap dog,
which is something that I have always wanted!
We'll continue to keep you posted as he grows!
Take care,
My husband, Steve, and I purchased our Cooper (your "Chase")
from you 2 years ago.  He was born 12/31/08.  He's now 2 1/2
and makes us laugh all the time.  He is SO loving and just too
adorable for words.  All of his quirky behaviors are what makes
us laugh so much . . .the way he loves to sleep on his pillow and
when he dreams makes a howling noise)...and how when he
runs . . .his behind drops, and how he nver leaves my side when
I'm at home . . he just wants to be near someone all the time and
is just SO loveable.  Everyone who sees him just falls in love with
him!! You breed great puppies, and I am SO thankful that we
found you - and our Cooper!
The Ellis family
Look how big she's getting! We got our Sophie (your Lettie) from you
and Sophie is THE best dog ever! She is great natured, very tolerant of
my three sons and an absolute blessing! Hopefully soon, we will add
to our family through you guys again!! I would recommend you to
anyone looking for a Cockapoo and I have already!!!
Attached is a recent picture of Molly.  It’s been just over a year
since we called you and came out to see the puppies and choose
Molly.  She is definitely a cutie, so full of energy, loves to play and
we want to Thank you for such a sweet girl.
Dale & Cathy
Russell(your Jarred) is doing wonderfully!  He is very
smart, sweet & playful.  He turned 9 weeks old today!  He
already goes to the door when he needs to go potty & lays
down for naps on his blanky in or near his open-door
crate.  Russell just loves to play with my son, especially
outside!  His favorite spots to play so far are the sandbox,
the flower garden and around the pine trees.  He finds
little pinecones and plays/chews on them!  He's very
entertaining!!  We will keep you posted as he grows.  
Thank you for breeding such a healthy, family friendly
jen schmidt & family  
Hi Sandy and Jamie,
It has been 6 months since we brought home our dog and
wanted to let you know how he is doing.  This is Truman (your
Prancer).  He was such a wonderful Christmas present for our
4 children.  It was -22 degrees Truman's first week at our
house.  It only took him 3 days to potty train.  He is so smart
and wanting to please us all the time.   
We could not be happier with Truman and would recommend  
you to anyone looking for a smart, healthy cockapoo puppy!
Thank You!
The Parkers
Sandy and Jamie--
The puppies are doing beautifully...but, we knew that they would!  The vet
was so impressed.  (Each of the girls came through with a wonderful bill
of good health.)  Chessie (Dixie) has decided that she is my puppy.  
Meggins (Rosa) has chosen Andrew.  It is so fun to watch them follow us
around the house...and their playing together is hilarious!  I love the little,
wet, cold nose touches, and the puppy breath, and the snuggles at
naptime, and even the pooh scooping.  Thank you so much for bringing
such joy in to our lives!  Our hearts are just bursting with love for our two
little girls.  It is so apparent that Chessie and Meggins have had such a
fantastic beginning to life.  Thank you for loving Chessie and Meggins all
the way to our home.  You are the most incredible ladies who have such
insight and knowledge into the raising of excellent, quality puppies.  I am
forever grateful to both of you for bringing such complete happiness into
Andrew's life and into my life.
We are so happy!...and by the constant wagging of two little tails, we have
two very happy puppies too!
Thank you...thank you...thank you!!

Betsy (and Andrew)

P.S. We will send puppy updates regularly!!
We live 1/4 mile from the famous Portland Head Light in CE,
Maine. Woody and I go daily, sometime we even walk with
other dog friends. In three weeks Woody has learned his
name, sit, off, and he's working on lie down. We went to
Willard Beach this morning at 6:30 and walked on the beach.
We have been to Sebago Lake, Cape Cod, and L.L. Bean in
Freeport- where he was very popular. Everywhere we go we
get questions about him and told how cute he is. Don't be
surprised if u get emails, I had one woman ask in Freeport
where to get a dog like this. He is quite a sleeper and not a big
eater- except for training treats and cookies.
We bought Riley a year ago (she was born June 9, 2010).  
She is such a good girl!  When taking her on walks, we
get stopped all the time by people complimenting her
color and cuteness.  We just adore her!  
Here's a recent picture of her boating on Lake Geneva.
Take care,
My name is Ella and I bought a puppy from you last year. We
picked her up on December 20th. We all love her so much and
she was worth every penny. I had wanted my own dog since I
could remember and I had been saving for a long time. When
my mom and dad finally agreed I was so excited. I looked and
looked for a dog that was perfect for me and my family. I
wanted it to be an  inside dog so my parents said it couldn't
shed. This was very important since we needed a
hypoallergenic dog for my brother since he has allergies. I
looked forever trying to find a dog and when I found cockapoos,
I instantly fell in love. We checked out a ton of places that sold
cockapoos, but in the end we chose yours. It was so hard to
choose between all of the puppies but I finally choose the
perfect one, Lucy. She has been the greatest dog and is very
Thank you,
Ella D.
Here is a picture of Russell aka Jordan.  He is doing great.  
My son is thrilled.  Russell is a very sweet dog.
He slept in his own bed for all of 2 nights and now sleeps
with my son!  They love it.
He goes to doggie day care and loves playing with the other
Cindy~New York
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